Weight Loss Secret: Busy, Fit, Mom of Three Revealed! – Female P90x Results and Shakeology

www.facebook.com bikinimomfitness.com Do you ever feel like this when it comes to weight loss? I am Seay — and I have definitely struggled with weight loss I’m 5’2″ and over 40. That was me in a swimsuit at age 22. My lifelong workout routine has always revolved around soccer. At 29, I gained 50 pounds with my first pregnancy. At 31, I weighed 170 pound with my second pregnancy Two years later, I remained stuck at 140 pounds. I went through a divorce — and then decided to rebuild my life. I was no longer a wife — and had lost all my confidence. So I started with this workout routine… And found I could return to my passion, soccer. I also took time to nourish my soul. And by 34, I lost the weight and regained my health at 112 pounds. I felt like a Hot Mom… It felt great to be in a swimsuit again. Then I met my True Love… And at 37, I was pregnant with baby No. 3. The weight loss management system that worked in the past, no longer worked. Four months after giving birth and working hard at weight loss, I was stuck at 140 pounds. I was frustrated! How do I lose weight? I feared this was me forever. Then I found P90X as the best workout routine After reading its nutrition facts, I added Beachbody’s Shakeology to the mix. 90 days later … I did it! Just in time for my 20-year high school reunion But wouldn’t you know it, I tore my ACL while playing soccer. I had total reconstructive surgery. Workout routines were out while I rehabbed for six long months. Naturally

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8 Responses to “Weight Loss Secret: Busy, Fit, Mom of Three Revealed! – Female P90x Results and Shakeology”

  1. If you havent already, feel free to Face book me :-)

  2. That would be great if you could give me some tips.

  3. Thank you! Its been a long process but we all must move forward, regardless. making small changes, day by day, will eventually get you in the health and shape you want. I would would be happy to share some of my tips with you. Feel free to message me on Facebook. My link is above in the description. :-) Seay

  4. WOW you are a real insperation. It would be really nice to look like you and have a body like yousr. I have always been over weight and I am past the point of wanting and needing to be in shape.

  5. Sup, have you considered this thing called the Fat Blast Blueprint? (go search google). My sister says it helps people burn fat.

  6. Very inspirational! :) 

  7. no offense but “the four agreements” is not nourishing your soul.

    you have to get in a Bible for that.

  8. Great Video Seay!