Whey Concentrate vs isolate: The Facts

For more info on whey visit www.brinkzone.com Whey Concentrate vs isolate: Why are people so confused about whey? I have to conclude that it’s part deceptive advertising by some unscrupulous supplement companies, poorly researched articles put out by self proclaimed “guru” types, and the fact that whey is indeed a complicated protein. In this article I will endeavor to clear it all up once and for all…lift the vale of secrecy, strip away the myths, and shatter the hyperbole surrounding this ultra popular supplement. By the time you are through reading this article, you will know all you need to know regarding the differences in whey, such as concentrates vs. isolates, micro filtered vs. ion exchange, and many other answers to questions that seem to persist no matter how hard wise-guy writers like me have tried to dispense with all the myths and misinformation/disinformation surrounding whey. Read this article carefully, put it to memory, and you will be the resident whey expert in the gym and amaze your friends at the next cookout: Cont: www.brinkzone.com
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There are a lot of misconceptions and wrong thoughts on fitness, so we have done a video to clear some common ones up. Hopefully this will help you progress and smash your targets! after all knowledge is power. Good Luck

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49 Responses to “Whey Concentrate vs isolate: The Facts”

  1. How do you know it’s empty?

  2. Isolate will not damage to “the metabolic structure .”

  3. I understood that isolates were not good on a long term basis….damaging to the metabolic structure …?

  4. I was going to waste money on isolate and now know I don’t need to. Protein is expensive enough as it is without ones at double the price with only +10% or +20% “benefit” (more protein in less powder, suitable for people that are lactose intolerant).

  5. Terrific video. well done and thanks.

  6. whatever is listed first, makes up most of the protein. most protein out there contain more concentrates, except brands like ON gold and MGN american whey

  7. i agree that mercola is full of crap and by the way he looks his powder are not doing his job i hear that guy saying i work out with nothing in my stomach hahaha sos hes working on a catabolic state how can you trust a guy who makes an statement like that

  8. According to wikipedia Dr. Joseph Mercola has been under harsh criticism by medical and scientific communities, as well as Quackwatch, for making false claims about his products.
    He’s also a strong advocate of Alternative Medicine which I find highly suspicious.
    I actually watched the video that you recommended but I’m not sure if that particular video’s information was just a scare tactic or if it’s legitimate.

  9. food cholesterol has no impact on blood cholesterol which is what blood test will show

  10. What are your thoughts on powders that use isolates and concentrates in the same supplement? I could never figure that out.

    Thanks for the vid, it helped clear some stuff up

  11. Thank you very much for taking your time to make this vid

  12. Great video, I work in the supplement industry and I try explaining to people all the time that Whey is Whey. If you want more or less volume in terms of a scoop that is wat you’re paying for.

  13. I prefer to think the cup is half full.

  14. Good unbiased information–thank-you.

  15. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You! soOoO FUANNIE!!!

  16. best protein video on youtube

  17. What about all the Cholesterol in concentrates? Some concentrates have up to 45% of your daily cholesterol per scoop! Isolates have no cholesterol.

  18. more sugar in concentrate than isolate so if you are diabetic – just stick with the isolate..

  19. Great info Will. What are your thoughts on Whey Hydroslate? I’ve read that this absorbs faster than concentrate or isolate, but I’m kinda leery of things that are too modified in labratories!

  20. How do you space creatine usage and whey protein usage after a workout? Do I take the creatine immediately after my workout. Wait for a couple of minutes then consume a protein shake? Does it really matter how both are consumed to get the best results?

  21. I laughed so hard at how dumb you made that guy look hahahaha

  22. i am thinking, Is ON gold standard 100% more on concentrate?

  23. Thanks for the info!

  24. thank you very much for this video!

  25. I started drinking whey protein and each time after I do I get dizziness for a few hours after drinking it

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  32. Absolutely fantastic, loved this video!!! xo

  33. John, why are you so beautiful?

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  35. Absolutely true about cutting carbohydrates. They end up cutting out all the healthy carbohydrates in their diets, when they really should be getting rid of all the sugar and white flours. I’ve actually had people tell me my diet is wrong, when I’m eating grilled chicken and brown rice and they are eating bacon burgers without the bun.

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  41. What do you mean when you say “pear-shaped”? Do you mean someone who puts on weight mostly around their hips, or something else?

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  43. I don’t mean to be a dick guys but some of the things you stated in this video simply aren’t true. Protein intake does not have to be limited to 30g per meal that is a completely arbitrary figure and you won’t find anyone at the top level of nutrition who still think this, google it, there are some very well referenced articles disproving this. Secondly there is no such thing as “toning” you can’t change the shape of a muscle only build and lose the fat around it.

  44. shahadat hossain Shahadat Reply February 2, 2013 at 4:09 pm

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  45. I feel like iV hit some kind of wall in weight loss, I cant seem to lose any more. I already burn a lot of calories in my workout, does this mean i should burn more to lose more, or burn the same amount just in a different way?

  46. can u guys not edit the bloopers :)

  47. It saddens me that John will never be mine. Oh woe, oh woe.

  48. 5-6minute video, aha. More like 12minutes pahaaaa

  49. The more Muscle tone you have the more fat you burn, and the healthier you look.

    Some girls say the don’t won’t to put on muscle because they don’t want to get big, this is simply not going to happen unless they lift super heavy weights,