AMAZING Organic Skin Care: Nardo’s Natural Review Promo Code is SHARKTANK4 for 15% off Another review on NN: My Twitter: My Facebook: What I’m Wearing: Face: EL DW foundation in Shell Beige, Cinema Secrets foundation on top, EL DW Camouflage as concealer in Creamy Tan, MST concealer in Light Medium (just testing this for now), a bruise under my left eye thanks to my dog Casey aka Chris Brown -_- Eyes: Physician’s Formula Baked Sands, Milani Rich Chocolate, Maybelline Master Drama liner in Midnight Master, Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing mascara Lips: VS lipliner in Ginger Spice, Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in #14, NYX lipgloss in Tanned Nails: Pixel nail polish in Cuddle Time. The only cuddle time I’m getting these days o_O Earrings: Stella and Dot Glint Flower CZ earrings Ring: Crown Ring STILL back-ordered =(

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25 Responses to “AMAZING Organic Skin Care: Nardo’s Natural Review”

  1. I love your videos and you’re super pretty and awesome but I hate the echo in your videos is there anyway you can change that?

  2. what do you use for exfolication?

  3. That is very interesting due to the fact that our scents are organic aromas. We understand everyone’s skin is different and sometimes these things happen! However the face cream/cleanser are 100% fragrance free. The natural aroma from the cleanser is extracted from the zest of the lemon and orange peel and the face cream is from pure lavender. I hope this information is helpful and we appreciate you continuing to use the items! :-)

  4. Thank you NardosNatural for taking the time to reply to my comment. That says a lot about a company. However, I apologize since I just realized I wasn’t clear on my comment. It’s actually the cleanser and moisturizer that gives me the redness/itching. I’ve tried them both alone and same issue. I normally get this reaction when I use a product with scent in it. I still use them though, just not on a regular basis

  5. (3) This clay is also rich in magnesium, Silica, potassium and calcium.
    Aloe Vera Powder: This is the soothing agent to help calm and nourish the skin.
    Acai Berry Powder:This is the antioxidant powerhouse in the product.
    So.. the first to clay ingredients are for removing impurities, the aloe is for soothing, and the acai berry is for repairing! I hope this was helpful! -Kyle PS, thanks for ordering and supporting a family business!

  6. (2) Bentonite Clay: Naturally helps absorb toxins, impurities and heavy metals from the body. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the sponge because Bentonite has a negative charge while the toxins have a positive charge. Opposite charges attract:)
    Rhassoul Clay: it is said to minimize pores in the skin, clarifies skin color, improve clarity and elasticity, eliminates blackheads, reduce dryness and flakiness,

  7. Hi Meg! The redness is totally natural and should last for less than 25 minutes. Organic regenerative clay mask increases circulation to help with cellular turnover for softer facial tissue. I will go over each ingredient in the mask so you have a better understanding:)

  8. thanks for that video i just orded ..i will let you know..

  9. thanks for that video just orded…i let you know

  10. You are phenomenally beautiful! It does Erik me that stunning people are the people reviewing skin care! When you have an amazing canvas it’s easy :)

  11. Hi Nur! Are you still loving Nardo’s? I bought the kit and love all of it especially the mask. It’s like vacuum cleaner for the face. However, I would get some itchy redness everytime I use it. I decided to use it only once a week to rule out if this is what’s really causing the redness. I also have sensitive skin and react to any smell in skincare. I’m assuming that’s the issue for me. But all in all, I LOVE the kit. The performance is amazing.

  12. Great, let me know what you think! ♥

  13. OMG super cute brothers … I keep going to their web site but you can imagine the distraction hehe. Anyway, LOVE your videos as usual. Very informative and detailed – I was looking to invest in some organic products so this may be it !!

  14. Hi! :) I just did a review on Nardo’s Natural thanks to you! I saw your review a while back and immediately purchased the Forever Young Regimen Kit…I am so glad that you first reviewed this product because I have fallen in love with it! :) Please check out my channel and subscribe :) I hope you have a wonderful night :)

  15. I just placed an order. I’m so excited to try our these products!

  16. you are so pretty

  17. That’s fantastic! I have the best viewers!

  18. Nur, they love you:) I had 11 emails yesterday from your fans with amazing feedback!!!

  19. I’ve been contemplating trying out this product ever since I saw this video last week. But then, I remember reading/watching something about not sticking to the same skincare all the time. Your skin will get used to it and will stop receiving the benefits after awhile. I guess it’s the same concept with medication and it makes sense to me. Thanks to you I finally made the purchase!

  20. Hi! can u please do a tutorial on this eye look?please! yours is the best one i found!:)

  21. Thanks! Love that cleanser so much!!!!!

  22. OMG! i LOVE your eyeshadow here! can you please do a tutorial on it!? thanks!:)

  23. The discount is still available! 15% off over a $11 savings:)
    -The Brothers

  24. LOL! This comment MADE MY DAY. Other people are probably like WTF, spring and summer are coming, but they just don’t know……