Atomic Wounds

At 89, Doctor Hida, a survivor of the 1945 atomic bomb at Hiroshima, continues to care for some of the other quarter of a million survivors. Atomic Wounds retraces his dedicated journey and highlights how the terrible danger of radiation was concealed by successive American administrations in the 50′s – 70′s so that nuclear power could be freely developed, with no concern for public health.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Become a fan on Facebook Every have dry soles that even your favorite moisturizer won’t help? Dr. Schultz explains why and what skin condition you really had: athlete’s foot.

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34 Responses to “Atomic Wounds”

  1. they attacked innocent civilians…that is why there was such a controversy

  2. Pearl Harbor=Atomic bomb on Japan. WTC=nothing? Really? Oh I forgot… Japan doesn’t have any oil.

  3. this video’s fake and stupid

  4. 300,000 starved to death in Nanking. Millions tortured to death is slave-labor camps across Asia. Let’s stop the BS whining Japan. You lost a war that you started.

  5. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 5:22 am

    LOL. I always tell civilians “An ensign in the navy is a lieutenant in the army. A lieutenant in the navy is a captain in the army. A captain in the navy is a colonel in the army. It really is that simple.” And then I watch their eyes spin.
    As a kid I’d watch the rocket trails from Pt. Magu rising over LA in the sunset.

  6. You are very gracious, thanks! I also worked at Pt. Mugu for the Navy, and Edwards for the AF, the latter two as civil service. It was funny when people asked me at Pt. Mugu if I was prior service and I said yes….Then they asked me what rank I left at. I truthfully answered “Captain” (and I looked young for my age) . Of course that rank is vastly different for Squids, compared to Infantry types…

  7. @ImperialistRunningDo Don’t worry, I was never upset. I just thought it was funny how emotional you reacted toward my comments. I was trying to instigate in you the outrage I feel about the atomic bombs, and it appears that I’ve succeeded :) . If you feel so insulted as a result of a few snide remarks, then it’s the same feeling Japanese victims felt towards the bombings. It is good that you are still human. Congratulations!

  8. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 8:00 am

    “I have to admit your anger and annoyance are quite entertaining, so, to thank you for giving me a final laugh” So you get pleasure out of annoying people and making them angry. Yet I am the bully here. I don’t know (nor do I really care) if you believe in karma, but this sort of hobby won’t do you any good.
    What would it take to get me to pump my fist in the air and yell “YES!!” today? Just say that you’ll read a book of your choosing. You don’t need to read one that I agree with.

  9. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 8:05 am

    I do get angry and annoyed from time to time. Mostly about the current presidential contest. Whenever either Romney or Obama comes on now, I just turn the radio off. That really is the best way to deal with things that annoy but can’t be changed.

  10. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 8:23 am

    “I have to admit your anger and annoyance are quite entertaining, so, to thank you for giving me a final laugh” If I were angry and annoyed, I wouldn’t keep coming back here. I’m an emotionless computer, remember? I reply for the same reason you do, it gives me a chuckle.
    Why don’t you count the number of personal insults I’ve given you and compare to those you have given me. Stop playing the victim here.

  11. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Let us look again at my first two messages to you. In the first I said “This is hypothetical, so please forgive me.” In the second, “Please allow me to join the party… I hope I’m allowed to play.”
    Both were respectful.
    You have called me a dictator, a bully and commented on my skin condition. Well, the nice thing about being over 50 is I no longer worry about my complexion. Go back over the start of our conversation. You were looking for a fight, got one, and now you’re upset.

  12. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 9:12 am

    I haven’t given you orders either. I am not your commanding officer, nor your father, nor a law officer. Perhaps I should say “pretty please go read a book.” Is that better?

  13. @ImperialistRunningDo *Sigh But then again, I should have ignored you once I realized we were repeating ourselves and going in a circle. I have always been willing to admit my faults, so I believe I am to blame for my part in this “discussion.” I have always been passionate and stubborn when it comes to vocalizing what I believe is completely wrong, and this was one of those times.

  14. Maybe I have a different perspective about history and what it entails to me. Or does that not meet with your approval? I really owe you no further explanation. I refuse to explain myself to someone who proves himself undeserving of my attention and respect. I did respect you at first, despite the personal insults you leaped on my persons as well, but now, after your manipulations, I find myself indifferent towards you, except I do pity you as you’re “willfully ignorant” of your character flaws.

  15. Besides, you could barely keep up since you missed the whole topic the first try! I was too busy repeating myself that I thought the bombings were inhumane and that it serves no purpose to think about a definite alternative plan since the bombings already occurred! Like I explained in previous comments, I don’t respond to what-ifs about the past. Waste of time and energy.

  16. Yeah, right. I believe you’re only interested in making YOURSELF feel good by supposedly “showing off” your so-called “intelligence.” I concluded this when you already began with a condescending tone and demeaned my opinions with words that had negative connotations. This was all in the first comment, and you were already trying to put me on the defensive. In short, you were taunting and picking a fight. You’re nothing more but a bully in my eyes. I am NOT a tool for your entertainment.

  17. *correction: That’s “whether or not I liked it”

  18. Hm…You’re right actually, but WHEN did you give me a chance to ask? While I was trying to support my thinking, you repeatedly switched topics and started to throw your opinions in my face whether or not you liked it. Then came the incessant questions. This was hardly a debate, in my opinion, it was more like an interrogation. Yes, I compared you to a dictator as you can’t seem to stop telling me how to run my life. Notice that I NEVER gave you a direct order but merely suggestions.

  19. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    “I’ve already given up on asking about what YOU think” I don’t recall you asking me once. You don’t seem interested in any opinions but your own, yet you call me a dictator.

  20. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I am genuinely interested in people’s opinions on historical events. Comes with the degree, I suppose. It’s not like I can take them to the grocery story and get 5 cents for each opinion. Though I doubt yours are worth that much….
    I’ll let you in on a secret: I am trying to encourage logical debate on YouTube. A futile mission I know, but we all have our windmills to charge. You are very welcome to disagree with me BTW, **IF** you can support your opinions. I’d like to get you to read a book.

  21. @ImperialistRunningDo I have to admit your anger and annoyance are quite entertaining, so, to thank you for giving me a final laugh, my answer to your last question: Ignore the narrator (you) asking rhetorical questions and flicking him out of sight and mind. *flick

  22. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    By the way, I should thank you for doing your bit for your country. As bigoted as I am against the army (Go Navy! Beat Army!), I appreciate that were it not for men in uniform, odds are my life would be most unpleasant.
    Should we ever meet, drinks are on me.

  23. @ImperialistRunningDo By the way, why do you care so much about what I think? I’ve already given up on asking about what YOU think, so it’s kind of getting a little creepy…Almost like a mental stalker…

  24. @ImperialistRunningDo Think whatever you like, you do anyway regardless of what others may say and do. Have a good life. *flick

  25. ImperialistRunningDo Reply January 28, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    “Our societal rules depicts deliberate murder as morally and lawfully wrong outside of self-defense” Suppose you have landed on a beach and your LST boat is in flames; there is no going back. You are taking cover in a shell hole and there is deadly fire coming from a school building. Any attempt to leave the hole means you die. What do you do?

  26. What do you recommend when it is not a fungal infection. I wear sandals pretty much year round. Now my feet (mostly heels) are so dry and cracked that they bleed. A good pedicure helps for about a week or two. But it always comes back. I know I should just ditch my sandals, but is there anything that can help this?

  27. im only 20 and i have it! -_-

  28. is it True that you can never cure athletes foot? i had got it a long time ago & it always appears when summer comes around, then disappears around fall and doesnt come back until the next summer.

  29. 100% Shea Butter really helps after you clean up the infection…

  30. @markblaster1: Yes, you can get the same benefit by using it two times a week to avoid irritation. You definitely can apply your antioxidant moisturizer over it by waiting 5-10 minutes.

  31. I have the same problem with Retin-A. It’s so strong and cracks my skin so I only use 3 times a week. I’m guesing the results are the same since it’s really peeling our skin to the point of irritation. I occasionally use ROC which has Retinol which isn’t as strong but seems just as effective without the irritation. The doctor may have a video on this issue elsewhere. I love his advice.

  32. thanks. :)  very helpful.

  33. he reminds me of mrs doubtfire so much! (dnt mean it in a bad way)

  34. great info