Beauty Tips – How to Remove White heads & Black heads

Simple Home Remedy to treat white and black heads by using non chemical material. Subscribe for More Beauty Videos :
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “Beauty Tips – How to Remove White heads & Black heads”

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  2. 1. Boil the 1 or 2 tsp Soda Bicarbonate in some water and take steam from it.
    2. Make a paste of 1 tbsp Rice flour, 1/2 tsp Milk and few drops of Lemon juice. Apply on face. Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

    BTW, she recapped in English in the end.

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  4. ENGLISH PLS!!!!!

  5. love ur all vdos

  6. Hi Divya.

    This is very nice tip. It worked. But I have lot of white heads on my face. it appears after 2 days. skin is also very dull on my face. i think deadskin. how to remove it. Please give some tips. thanks in advance.

  7. @Gem12348 a hindi dilect.

  8. @illudinEYE she basically said to us baking soda in boiling water and steam your face. it opens pores and removes dirt. it also softens impurities. you can mix 1 part milk to one part rice flour and add lemon juice to create a scrub.

  9. Why the fuck is it in another language?! The title is in English. -_-

  10. I did not understand what she was saying! -.-

  11. Hi I want request you to make a video on how to get rid of cold sores or even how to control it because I get them a lot and they are big and embrassing, I have been watching your videos and honestly really liked them.

  12. this method use for mens

  13. @bgvruki u’re right even my friends used to tease me looking at my acne btw! after i used a natural acne removal method im completely get rid of it. i know you will get permanent escape from acne after wathcing this video =>

  14. hi where i can find sodium bicarbonate

  15. Hello, have you considered “Break Free Of Acne” (just google it)? I have heard a few impressive facts concerning this. As an example, Amy experienced positive results from it.

  16. What kind of milk do you add… is it fresh pasteurized/unpasteurized milk or processed (in the carton) milk?

  17. “You add soda bicarb to boiling water and take its steam” – how to do it? u might inhale too when ?? what is the right method and how long should it be done? could u explain a bit ?

  18. hey i also hav acne on my face ,so shld i try it……..

  19. You add soda bicarb to boiling water and take its steam. Make a paste of rice flour 1 tbsp, lemon juice and milk 1/2 tbsp. After steaming and wiping off ur face, apply the paste using your fingertips in circular motion. Splash cool water afterwards to close pores. If you have open pores problem than rub ice afterwards to help close your pores.

  20. Interesting…can someone please translate her instructions for me in English? Yes i tried watching her put this all together though because I was not able to understand her verbally I became confused,angry and especially annoyed…threw the cat out the window…just kidding tho it was on my mind…yes that frustrating haha . Thank you in advance friends . And a Merry Christmas to you too !

  21. hello i have acne, will this method help me get rid of them?

  22. you should try this once a week :) for gr8 results

  23. It worked yaar..i love your Beauty Tips Dr. Divya. Can you tell me after how many days do i have to apply it again? can i apply it after every third or forth day?

  24. what i do ,at my waist  and shoulders whiteheads have!

  25. excxellent and very clear concept ,easy to use /apply …thanx