COMPLETE SKINCARE GUIDE! | theINENIvlogs [Day 218] The complete skin care guide brought to you by the INENI vlogs… LIST OF PRODUCTS Dermalogica- Pre Cleanse Cetaphil Dermalogica- Special Gel Cleanser Desert Essence- Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Arcona- Toner Tea Tree Bar Alpha-H – Liquid Gold Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum Retin-A (prescription only!) Pai- Echium Rejuvenating Eye Cream L’Oreal- Revita Lift Ren- Radiance Perfecting Serum Desert Essence- Blemish Touch Stick BUY!!! INENI T-SHIRTS: Follow us on Twitter! – (INENI) Like us on Facebook! – (INENI) Check out our Website! – (INENI) Like me on his Facebook! – (Daniel) http Follow me on Twitter! – (Daniel) 2nd YouTube Channel! – (Daniel) Check out my music Website! – (Daniel) Download Music! – (Daniel) https

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25 Responses to “COMPLETE SKINCARE GUIDE! | theINENIvlogs”

  1. Do you think it is ok in our society for guys who have very oily skin, black heads et cetera to use the products as a form of relief and treatment??

  2. So sorry about that! I’ll make a complete drug store under 10$ video soon!! <3

  3. Great video – hard for me though as even the ‘cheap’ options are pricey for a teenager! Added some of these to my Amazon wish list though, thanks again.

  4. Thank you! 

  5. YES! It is sold at Whole Foods! That’s where I learned of it first. I’ve seen it mostly in health food type of stores!

  6. Do you know of any stores in the US that sells desert essence? I have never seen or heard of it but I want to try it.

  7. The Desert Essence products and the Tea Tree Toner Bar are GREAT for black heads. Anything with Tea Tree will really help.

  8. TheCaraElizabeth4 Reply August 17, 2012 at 4:14 am

    What do you do for black heads? or which one of these products best to rid of them?

  9. Just so you know, all the products are listed in the description! I get the same thing, oily in the summer dry in the winter! I’ll have to do a winter skin care routine too, as things get colder!!! Thanks for the idea and looking forward to making more!!!

  10. LOL! I was so sad…and then so happy all from one comment!

  11. virginia SHUT UP

    lol jk great video
    make more?

  12. Lisbon is the main city and it’s full of cool places to see but around it you have small places like the countryside.
    I live in a really small place were you know everyone that lives there and from the school windows you see cows,horses and you see beautiful green spaces
    You should come and if you came i would love to show you the cool places :)

  13. Aww we love you! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Portugal! What’s it like?

  14. You guys are awesome,by seeing this i want even more to meet you the only problem is that i live in Portugal :( Love you guys

  15. Oooh…do you have a recipe for it?

  16. Aww…thank you! Haven’t heard of Adovia, will do some research and hopefully give it a go! Thanks for sharing (and caring!)

  17. That is a seriously kind comment, thank you!

  18. Yes, of course!!!

  19. Yeah!! They now sell them at Planet Organic and Whole Foods! It is amazing and has been a favorite of mine for years!

  20. That desert rose line looks great! Did you say there was no easy way to get it in London?

  21. Great video! Make more?! ;D

  22. You are so adorable and authentic! I love this video! :) )

  23. Great video – Mad tho because I was just about to order the dessert cleanser but opted for something else organic , hopefully it does the job! Have you ever heard of Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap? It supposed to be a miracle for acne and skin with problems :) Unrefined shea butter works well on acne and scars and dry skin. Great video and dont by shy to share , sharing is caring :P

  24. Daniel Clive McCallum Reply August 17, 2012 at 11:37 am

    this is a knofe… hehe