DermTV – Acne Treatment in Three Easy Steps [ Epi #124]

Acne is a condition that almost everyone confronts at one time in their life. The good news is, however, that it’s treatable, and that treatment is within your control. Dr. Schultz shares an acne treatment regimen that’s comprised of just three easy step. Connect with DermTV Everyone can have beautiful, healthy, and younger looking skin, and DermTV, the Internet’s daily skincare video show, will demonstrate how by revealing expert tips and techniques and by providing real solutions for real skincare issues. Skincare (whether cosmetic or medical) previously required a trip to your dermatologist or a shopping spree at the pharmacy. And that’s if you have a trusted nearby dermatologist or a local informed pharmacy. But not anymore. We at DermTV are committed to making best-in-class dermatology and skincare guidance accessible to everyone, anytime, at your computer. Every weekday, our host, Dr. Neal Schultz, one of New York’s most trusted and respected dermatologists (see bio below), teaches skincare’s most timely and timeless issues. Topics include: the best at home techniques and new technology for facial rejuvenation, preventing and fixing sun damage from wrinkles to skin cancer, breaking news in dermatology, general skincare topics, and more.
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Beauty Tips - Beauty Tips - Curing Dark Circles

Dark circles is a problem that every woman faces at some stage of her life. Learn to get rid of them with help of this video. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips
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28 Responses to “DermTV – Acne Treatment in Three Easy Steps [ Epi #124]”

  1. Can u do a video on proactive

  2. What about proactive and all those products?

  3. For more information, see the DermTV episode “Removing Acne Scars” youtube(dot)com/watch?v=g9V9-A­NB7dg

  4. beautifulprincesspg Reply January 17, 2013 at 5:29 am

    Hey dr. Actually i have acne scars only on my forhead.. Please advice me how i can get rid of them.. Please recomend me some good products for it…

  5. Doctor if you could please reply my face has acne on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and beginning to form around the mouth area. Any suggestions, tips, or advice?

  6. You’re welcome. Thanks for your advice I will try to apply more sparingly more often. :)

  7. Yes, but I would suggest more frequent applications of smaller amounts rather than less frequent applications of larger amounts. I think it works better that way. And thanks for your great feedback!

  8. Dr. Schultz… I have ordered from you so many times and I love your products. This winter I’ve been breaking out again (every year).  I’m using your oil free moisturizer in lieu of my typical benzoyl peroxide or Glycolic Acid… and wow it is getting better! I think I was just dehydrated. As long as it’s oil-free, I can use a generous amount and be fine, right? Thank you so much for all your products!

  9. Doc, i got numerous amounts of closed comodones on my face (Forehead, cheeks and chin) Is there any sure way to remove it and prevent it from coming back?

  10. which one do i put first on my face ? do i wash my face before putting the cleanser?

  11. Hi. I have very dry skin a bad case of acne. Do i still go ahead with the treatment on u prescribe

  12. I have very dry skin and acne…what products should i buy? Should i still buy a cleanser for oily skin?

  13. Hi June,

    For more information, see the DermTV episode “Removing Acne Scars” youtube(dot)com/watch?v=g9V9-ANB7dg

  14. may i know what is the treatment for acne scar?

  15. Hey! thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about acne remedy called Acnezilax Secrets (google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried Acnezilax Secrets? I’ve heard several unbelivable things about it and my mate finally break free from her acne, using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  16. This works but it’ll dry your skin out. It’s acne or dry flakes and tightness…sunscreen has taken the place of moisturizer for me (everytime I start applying a moisturizer in this routine my acne returns :( but sometimes I just want to bathe in olive oil my face feels so tight. It’s a battle but C’est la vie.

  17. thanks for the info

  18. rocutane is the best for acne

  19. Its still surprise me, how some people are not aware about Acnezilax Secrets (do a search on google), even though many people get good result because of this natural acne remedy. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Acnezilax Secrets, I have totally cure my acne naturally, and finally get a beautiful clear skin

  20. Cleansers with acne-fighting ingredients don’t stay on your face long enough to effectively treat acne. Instead, I would recommend a balancing cleanser that will help control oil. If you find that the toner with salicylic acid works well for your skin, you can continue to use that. However, I recommend to my patients that they use a glycolic product all over their face and then use a spot treatment product containing either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

  21. I have oily acne prone skin. I use clean and clear benzine periodic 10% cleaner. I exfoliate my face with St.Ives gentle scrub with 2% salic acid in the shower and I shower at night everyday. Then i use Clean and Clear toner with salic acid before i go to bed. I started to see improvement but then as i continued it start to get red by my cheeks bones. Should I continue my routine?

  22. My toner has glycolic in it, how can I figure out what percentage it is? It’s the second ingredient, the first is water, I don’t feel it at all like I can my 20% glycolic peel.

  23. Persa Gel! :)

  24. For my patients, I have formulated and I suggest the BeautyRx Daily Exfoliating Therapy Serum/Cream beautyrx(dot)com

    You can also do a search on Sephora, Dermstore and other similar skincare websites for other 8% glycolic product.

  25. were can i get glycolic acid 8%?

  26. I did understand anything because I speak english is it possible to do this video in english or write what you are saying I need to do to cure dark circles you can email me at thank you

  27. What about people who are working in night shifts ?? Can you please give some advise from them also ?

  28. Please make this video in English.