DermTV – Understanding and Treating Combination Skin [ Epi #149] Become a fan of DermTV on Facebook There’s one skin type that has a lot of people stumped. It’s when their skin is dry and oily. So is their skin dry or oily? It’s actually both, a combination, and Dr. Schultz will explain what combination skin is and how to treat it.

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15 Responses to “DermTV – Understanding and Treating Combination Skin [ Epi #149]”

  1. my skin is very oily in the T-zone, but my t-zone is also my dryest part in my head…. that doesn’t make any sense to me :(

  2. i have a chicken skin….what cream or treatment i should do…thanks

  3. what would my skkin be considered to be if right after i wash my face with just tap water, my cheeks are normal but my chin, nose, inner cheek area, and forehead (so basically the t-zone) is really dry but it gets oily throughout the day? does that mean i have a dry t-zone or an oily t-zone??

  4. Any olay product. & what products do u use?

  5. I have combination skin, and have used a variety of products to help. I currently have a moisturizer that works well, and cleanser that cleans well without over drying. And while I’ve seen improvement in my acne, I still feel like there’s a spot cream for my chin and cheeks that I should be able to use. Do you have an all natural suggestion?

  6. Thank you! I live in Wisconsin and during the winter, my dry spots get so dry.

  7. ive always thought i had combination skin, but now im not so certain. ive recently been breaking out badly on just my forehead and i never had this problem before. i would get an occasional bump sometimes, but then it would go away. i get black heads on my nose, but thats it and the rest of my skin is clear, but i once in a blue moon get a little blemish. so what would my skin type be? im lost. lol!!!

  8. Thanks Doc :)

  9. Doctor what would you say about Aubrey Organic shampoo and conditioner? are they good to use and are they really don’t have any kind of chemicals in?

  10. Thank you :)
    This is exactly what I have.

  11. crimsonbutterflies Reply January 1, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    This is really informative, Dr. Schultz, I knew what combination skin meant but I did not know why you get dry and oily patches exactly. Mine I think is more on the oily side but after I wash it, I feel my skin on my cheeks is dry, I think it must be the facial cleanser I am using, it must be harsh for my skin. Does anyone know a good cleanser (foamy preferably) that has some good amount of moisturizing properties in it?

  12. oh yes, the products I’m using at the moment have actually improved my skin a lot. My skin has always been oily and dehydrated and I was wondering why that is =)

  13. Are you sure what you are not using isn’t too harsh? I tend to have oily skin but my esthetician told me to use a gentle cleanser, like for sensitive skin, and then I use cetaphil for moisturizing which I have used since 1998. I have polymorphous but it only occurs if I am sunburnt, which happens easily. Anyways I think a gentle cleanser, emollient, and toner :) good luck

  14. Thank you so much for this video!

  15. I seem to have oily dehydrated skin, as my skin flakes if I don’t moisturise it with a rich cream (even in the T zone), but it still is oily and acne prone. I’ve been using a glycolic acid exfoliator and it helps a lot, but how can I improve my skin even more so that it is normal for most of the day?