DIY Skin Care Kit (Part 1)

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Hey everyone a bit of a different video on skin care :) products i use: facial wipes cleansing and toning lotion ( boots tea tree and witch hazel) Exfoliating face scrub “” Foaming face wash “” Night treatment gel “” you can also use the shine control day moisturiser in the morning Spot wand “” Hope you enjoyed please subscribe and suggest videos you might want to see :)

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15 Responses to “DIY Skin Care Kit (Part 1)”

  1. where do you live?carrefore is just here i think!!

  2. badi shofek straight hair

  3. haha you should have said: “FIRST” :p

  4. baa7ibaakkk hahaha

  5. Yes, it does work for all skin types. Replace your night cream oil for olive oil if you want.

  6. Les boutiques naturels. Google it! Ou les boutiques de supplements aussi!

  7. yay I am so happy you can do it!! :D

  8. haha its cause i don’t put as much effort for the french one!!

  9. your voice sounds so different in french and english

  10. Thank you so much for making this video! I love trying organic/natural products and have been thinking about making them myself, but wasn’t sure how…now I do!!!

  11. I’ve been following your suggestions on skincare and they’re awesome ! I Your suggestions are absolutely miraculous, unfortunately didn’t match my skin type.=/ I got notified of this by my beautician and she insisted that I stop whatever I was doing and instead use sebum regulating products. I tried the Castalia oily skin line and I loved but it’s not natural at all. Maybe you could create a video for people who have oily skin who want to treat their skin with home-made natural products. Thx!

  12. Où as tu trouvé les capsules de vitamine E ?

  13. Is this for all skintypes?


  15. wow! 3 views! I can’t believe it! I love Layann!