Morning Skin Care – Acne prone skin

Details about my struggle w/ break outs & morning skin care routine here: My nighttime skin care routine will be up next and then my Makeup 101: All About Foundations will finally be up :) Awesome stuff: Affordable Sigma Brushes: APRIL2012 COUPON CODE get 10% off your Sigma order and a free gift w/ any purchase DollFace Cosmetics: Find me here: Facebook: Twitter: Official site: Personal blog Pinterest Got a question? Formspring me: Thank you for watching!

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22 Responses to “Morning Skin Care – Acne prone skin”

  1. It’s a cotton wipe xo

  2. hi jan, jane here, jz want to ask wat did u use wen u used ur toner? the cloth thing u wiped ur face? :)

  3. haha you’re so funny putting warning in the beginning >.< you look fine without make-up! <3

  4. We all have different skin types. I find that my skin loves to be exfoliated and I have oily skin as I’ve explained in the video, so I skip moisturizing during the day. Check out my most recent skin care video where I updated my routine with new products. I find that it works for me. I’m glad your skin care routine works for you :)

  5. just watched your evening skin care routine, plus your morning routine. i find that you cleanse and scrub too much. it’ll cause dryness and/or our skin would produce more oil. never forget moisturizer everyday, and if possible, with SPF30 to prevent the UVA/UVB rays. the harmful rays can “sneak up” in our windows or reflective items in the house.

    i usually keep my morning skin care routing simple, exfoliate once or twice a week, moisturize; while i spoil myself in the evening. :)

  6. I just use the face brush every day ate Fem. I don’t use any exfoliant, but I am planning to get one coz I think I need it.

  7. Do you exfoliate everyday Jan?

  8. awesome routine janah! xx

  9. Buy Paula Begoun’s book, Don’t go to tje cosmetics counter without me so that you see that some products actually aggrevate skin problems and not everything the product claims is true. It will also save you a lot od money because you will not be buying products or makeup that doesnt work.

  10. hi ate jana! :) this is really informative! but just a suggestion..u can actually use warm water first, because it will open up your pores so you are able to remove the bacteria and for rinsing, use cold water to close your pores, that way it prevents the bacteria from getting inside ^__^ hehe..

  11. Hi Janz. You remember the facial brush you gave me? I use that to wash my face and it feels cleaner everytime. When I went to Colorado 3 weeks ago, nalimtan nakog dala… Lahi ra gyud kaau siya when you fash your face with it.

  12. I think all of them are available in the Philippines. LUSH is at Mall Of Asia, second floor if I remember correctly xo

  13. @Hkluv619 @Katxo18 Hi everyone! For my acne scars, I’m not using any particular product to get rid of them yet and I would love suggestions. I did purchase the Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 fight and fade toner and I’m about to use it. I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  14. Thanks for sharing :) just want to ask, what do u use to treat ur acne scars? I got them too and I’ve been using the bio oil it work really well but u find it too oily

  15. great tutorial! can u buy those products here in the Philippines are they available here? Thanks! :) )

  16. Are you using anything to help fade your acne scars??

  17. i have the aveeno foaming cleanser :) it works amazing

  18. I’ve been liking your videos lately.So informative. Keep them up! :D

  19. YahairalovesLife Reply July 24, 2012 at 11:04 am

    I loved this video! :) so helpful

  20. your face is absolutely fine. :) )

  21. You are so brave! Thanks for sharing :’)

  22. silly >.<  why do you have to put warning in the begging? for me you look fine ;)