My Beauty and Skin care Faves And Product Review http Hey guys, gosh its been so long since i did a product review. I have had a few requests about my skin care and my hair colour etc, so the best thing I though was for me to gather a whole bunch of my fave beauty & skin care, along with some other great products I reviewed from various brands to share with you. Here is a list of most of the products I showed as some are widely available & there was a lot lol: HD Brows Flick Tips Wow Brow Stencil Kit Loreal Nude Magique Gosh Lip Gloss Soft Coral 01 Body Shop Red Lipstick 53 Dark & lovely hair colour Vivacious Red Collection 2000 Pen liner Glam Eyes Mascara Cheeky Monkey Nails Outdoor Girl Black Crackle Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub Thank you for watching, please share below any tips or questions you have, whats your fave product at the mo? Find me and subscribe: Twitter Facebook Youtube
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24 Responses to “My Beauty and Skin care Faves And Product Review”

  1. why thank u very much glad u enjoyed it x

  2. You are really cool girl!! Nice reviewing some of the beauty products this is very helpful for those who wants collective and beautiful products ..

  3. excellent let me know how u get on x

  4. oh ok cool, i have on a similar color (honey brown) so that gives me a better idea of what the results will be like if i used the vivacious red! thanks a lot

  5. i have 2 videos one for red 1 for honey blonde, pls c my hair playlist xx

  6. it was honey brown same brand x 

  7. which color did you had in your hair before you used the vivacious red???

  8. Can u do a video on how u color your hair?

  9. mmm that sounds lovely hun x

  10. hey thanks hun, were not gonna like everything & that shud b ok to say, glad u liked it xx

  11. I love how you honestly said you didn’t like the simple product. Most you tubers that I’ve seen review products hardly ever say a product is not good.

  12. 6:14 i tell u whats good beauty formulas facial scrub cucumber its got grit in i use it for my skin and it smells good and i use cocoa butter daily.

  13. no probs xx

  14. Ok, I just scrolled down and saw your answer. Nigerian and Scottish. LOL Amazing!

  15. That’s U.S. sorry ;)

  16. I’m in the us (Atlanta, GA to be precise) and we just got the Simple product line not to long ago! I’m a new subscriber and I’m SOOOO glad I did! You’re so fun :) you seem to have a blend of different accents. Where are you from and what is you’re heritage?

  17. wow thats very kind of u, blessings x

  18. You are so perfect in every way! NEVER CHANGE! ❤and Light Empress!

  19. now ur being waay to kind , but thank u so much sweetie ;p *blushin* hope u hav a bless day

  20. no probs hun xx

  21. The Dark and Lovely Hair Dye box lol

  22. Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

  23. thanx babe xx

  24. You can get it from their website or do a retailer search on their site for your local store (evolutionofsmooth com) They do ship to the UK as well :-)