My Daily Skin Care Routine

My Daily Skin Care Routine

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24 Responses to “My Daily Skin Care Routine”

  1. you are beautiful!

  2. for more makeup tutorials CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL ————–> themobilemakeup

  3. uh….

  4. whats your name?(:

  5. For the L’Oreal Collagen cream, do you spread it all over your face or is it better to dab it all over ? Love your videos !!

  6. thanks it was really helpfull dolly:)

  7. It’s ah-strin-gent not as-tra-gin lol

  8. OMG so sexy

  9. I love seabreeze!

  10. beautiful blazer

  11. Mariam Tovmassian Reply October 6, 2012 at 8:27 am

    Hi Carlie:) I’m teenager,I’m just 16 and I’ve little bit acnes and pimples,so can I use “Sea Breeze” and “Garner”?

  12. Hi there! so I saw you used the loreal colligen anti aging cream. I’m just letting you know that colligen is a very thick protein and it cannot penetrate through the skin because the fibers are super thick the only way colligen really works is to be injected into the skin…so I really think you might be wasting your money. I swear I’m not trying to be mean or anything. Maybe you can look into more and see for yourself.But I love your videos your so beautiful and inspiring.

  13. I am also the same as you. I use anti-aging products all the time so that I won’t get all those nasty crinkles!

  14. your coupon code still works, and if not you can google coupons !

  15. You look like Katy Perry! :)

  16. i use the garnier thing aswell ! AND MY SKIN LOOK S HEALTHY NOW:D

  17. Hi carli, the products sounds amazing! however , some of us live abroad for instance in the UK where products like that cannot be just bought over the counter; you will have to order them online, a bit pricey and everything. Do you have any alternative products that will basically do the same? I know it’s hard but it will mean a lot to me! Thank you so much in advance!

  18. You look like Katy Peery! :)

  19. where is your jacket from??

  20. I love your videos :)

  21. Hi Carli can you please let me know where you got your finger Tattoo in NJ. :>) Love It!

  22. What’s your lipstick :) ?

  23. @zehaib01 just cause she uses a lot of products, doesn’t make her fake. Get it right. You are so beautiful Carli :) Love you! <3 Your videos are great!

  24. did you blow-dry your hair to get it that way?