My skin care routine!

Thanks for watching! This was requested a few times, so i decided to finally film it! Sorry the lightings not the best as you can tell it was filmed in my bathroom. LINKS: Twitter: tumblr: polyvore:

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16 Responses to “My skin care routine!”

  1. hehe t swifty for the win!

  2. Your shirt, is amazing (: I’m doing one of theseee<33

  3. Hey nice video! can you subscribe to me please :D i subbed you

  4. I’d love it if you tried out for my collab :) 

  5. You’re welcome ^______^

  6. Thanks !(:

  7. aw just remember everyone has their flaws with their skin, so there is nothing to worry about :) and i was thinking of doing a hair care routine because to be honest i don’t own many hair products!

  8. You have such amazing skin! You’re very very pretty :)

  9. Gah we have the exact same type of skin, but I feel so selfconciois going out without anything on my face. I give you major props for having the confidence. could you do a hair care must haves video?

  10. Thanks(:

  11. Thanks (:

  12. Thanks!

  13. no! I don’t own a foundation haha sometimes i use a bb cream or a tinted moutorizer

  14. your very pretty xox

  15. Do you wear foundation? like for everyday?

  16. <3 your shirt!