My Skin Care Routine.

I’ve been asked a lot to talk about my skin care routine and the skin care products I use. My skin type is Normal/Combination. I hope this helps! MY UPDATED SKIN CARE ROUTINE – Products Mentioned: Eucerin Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer Olay Pro-X Restorative Cream Cleanser Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Acne Medication Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub ♥ My Blog: ♥ My Twitter ♥ Like My Fanpage: ♥ Sigma Makeup: You get a free gift with every or more order! ♥ HauteLook: Get up to 75% off retail price on your high end favorite brands!

Facial acne is one thing, but when spots affect your back, chest, and other areas of the body, that’s a whole other ball game. Clearing up body blemishes doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Try incorporating these three simple steps into your daily beauty routine, and before long you’ll forget you ever dealt with bacne, chestne, or any other type of body acne in the first place. Subscribe for more BellaSugarTV! Visit our website for more hot beauty tips! Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https Get the latest updates via Twitter!
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42 Responses to “My Skin Care Routine.”

  1. make an appointment to the dermatologist they should be able to determine what type of skin you have.When i went to mine he recommended a product called Ziana so far it works ok but i still need to go back next month.

  2. I purchased the neutrogena scrub yesterday.. its soo awesome! once you use it alone without any other product it makes ur skin feel firm and soo soft.. it was at walmart.. love it..

  3. get proactive

  4. i have the netugena oil free ance thingy lol its only flaw that it makes ur skin really dry

  5. I would suggest the Neutrogena Rapid clear line. Just get the basics: A cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer *your preference* a spot treatment and a scrub from that line.

  6. I use the Neutrogena and Clean and Clear and Oxy.. When i take my Shower.

  7. Unfortunately I don’t know of an affordable product for acne scars. I used products from Clinique.

  8. gmzelectrical abdkarim Reply September 2, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    hello there, i am a 15 yrs old girl and i need some help with my acne, i would like some suggestion about any product that i could use for my face,i have scars on my forehead bcoz i like to pop my pimple,i also hade some blackhead on my cheeks ,nose and on my bottom lips.once ive used oxy but it did not work but it make my skin bcme could u name some product that are affordable for 15 yrs old girl and i can found it in guardian or cosway ,cuz im not livin in usa so .thx for ur helps.

  9. for me personaly, it dosent clear up acne

  10. You are so beautiful!!!!!!

  11. VISIBLY CLEAR PINK GRAPEFRUIT DAILY SCRUB – is that the same thing that you guys use?
    please somebody answer me! thanks.

  12. I haven’t tried that brand.

  13. Would u recommend clearasil? Ur Rly nice plz answer my question ASAP thanx

  14. Ur rly pretty!! I use proactiv it’s the only thing that works for me :) it got my skin so clean alot of washed I used before Just irrated my skin

  15. your eyebrow slook really good :D How do you do them?

  16. Ur so pretty. I lovee ur hair

  17. Thnx fo ur vid,, jus convinced me to buy the grapefruit wash

  18. What mosturizer is best for combination skin that doesnt have ur skin looking oily after? Im also combination skin

  19. If u have blackheads is the neutrogena helpful? I recently gt em out of no where on my face

  20. I have never found a face wash that works for me since forever. I have really oily skin and I breakout whenever anything happens to my skin. I FINALLY found that noxzema works for me. After 2 days (morning and night) my skin is clear. All I use is that one product and it is supposed to be for all skin types. It is also only about $4. So if you wanted to try that I really recommend it.

  21. omg thank u! i just learned my skin type i thought i had oily skin but i don’t im so greatfull xxxx

  22. Love your skin! I will the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

  23. U use exactly the same things I do xoxo

  24. try cerave pm moisturizer it works really well for dry spots

  25. No lol

  26. glad i could help, it sucks to have it.

  27. What can I do about bacne scars? I have a lot & I can’t wear tank tops & dresses because of them. :(

  28. Thank you I will definitely check it out… its for my daughter :)
    After reading your comment, I Googled it and have read very good the reviews on it :D .

  29. I have that and I went to my dermatologist. She said you can’t do anything to scrub it off. But you can get an Ammonium Lactate cream over the counter at the drugstore. Just apply the cream twice a day and it will clear up in about a month. There’s one called Amlactin Ultra or you can get a prescription.

  30. you’re welcome:)

  31. Very helpful!:)

    Mslipsandlashes- try using dermadoctor. It’s available at sephora or ulta. It’s a bit pricey but it works great.

  32. I use tea tree oil on my body and face it gets rid of pimples over night! Thanks for the video very helpfull! :)

  33. I’ve looked into this a lot, actually. If you haven’t seen a doctor, go to one! They can prescribe steroid creams for redness. Also, products with glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid help because they help unclog pores. This condition is a buildup of protein so those ingredients can help. Try a mask (REN has a Glycol-Lactic option that isn’t harsh on the skin) and then build up to cleansers and moisturizers you use every day.

  34. Lauren Porterfield Reply September 3, 2012 at 9:33 am

    you look like the grown up version of McKenzie from dance moms :) 

  35. Thank you so much for these tips and tricks. Now do you have any tips of how to get rid of Keratosis pilaris also known as chicken skin?

  36. Thank you so much for the reply!

  37. because the peroxide increases you sensitivity to the sun’s rays, so you need to protect your skin a bit more

  38. Thank you for the video! Very helpful! The thing Im not sure I understanded correctly is why to use sun cream after using the Clean&Clear product?

  39. The peroxide bleaches everything it touches.

  40. Great!

  41. good tip. tnx:)

  42. thanks for the tips (: