My Skin Care Routine/Recommendations

My Skin Care Routine/Recommendations

In which I talk about skin care products I use, like, and would recommend :) Olive oil, honey, and sugar scrub: Other Channel: Twitter: Tumblr:

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25 Responses to “My Skin Care Routine/Recommendations”

  1. I’m currently using La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar duo, amazing stuff, for very nasty acne face

  2. i actually use tea tree oil on my piercings when theyre healing … ive heard its a really versatile product! :D

  3. My favourite skin care products are the ‘Body Shop Tea Tree’ and ‘Clean and clear daily facile scrub’ :-)

  4. you can use either word; neither are wrong :-/

  5. i used clearasil once and it made my face all oily :-/

  6. I’m using the origins zero oil face wash and I do like it a lot. Before I was using the Khiel’s clay face wash which will always be one of my favorites I think! For toner, I use the clinique the purple one. And for moisturizer I use the DDF control shine moisturizer with SPF 25 in it. It is an amazing moisturizer I’m into my 3rd tube of it!

  7. Oh and I use the neutrogena mask&wash, bio-oil at night and the original Nivea cream as a moisturiser, I’ve found that for my dry and sensitive skin using minimal amounts of products is the best and then when it’s…. That time of the month I use a mask or something that combats the breakouts. That way the results are more effective as my skin isn’t used to the products on the ‘problem week’

  8. The neutrogena 2-in-1 wash and mask is really great as a mask too, for me it’s amazing when I have a few breakouts and it clears my skin quite quickly

  9. For the love of all things good, PLEASE stop giving skincare advice when you’re talking out of your ass. A lot of information you’ve just given people in this video is extremely inaccurate or flat-out wrong.

  10. The word is “exfoliant” not “exfoliator”.

  11. It’s fun I’m using nearly the same products as you, I have the wash from the body shop, I’m using Aqua Marina from Lush and the moisturising facecream from nivea visage.

  12. cavair prevents ageing

  13. I use simple moisturising facial wash, nivea pure and natural moisturiser and face wipes.

  14. piercing video please!

  15. where are your earrings from?

  16. Nivea, to me, have the best products if you have sensitive skin. Well priced, soft and gentle for all skin types. I have their cleanser and it’s the one of very few that doesn’t make my skin flare up. :D

  17. I’m using the Dr. Hauschka line for oily skin, and its like… Perfect! I almost haven’t had a spot ever since i started using it, and i used to have really bad acne. I also take pure e-vitamins, and pop them with a needle, and then i take the liquid that’s in it and put it on my face… Sounds gross and smells wierd, but its so good for your skin! It can make a mount Everest-spot disappear in like one night! :)

  18. simple moisturiser, estee lauder perfectly clean face wash, lush cupcake face mask and witchhazel gel or sudocrem on spots x

  19. I use the clearasil vitamins and extracts facewash and mask and I find it really gentle actually! I have had no new breakouts since using it, it smells divine and it really works as a wash and a mask! highly recommend! I have dry skin too and it doesn’t dry it out either!

  20. I really like the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I did use the bodyshop tea tree cleanser (the same bottle you have) before and I did really like it and every now and then I’d add raw oatmeal to it for an exfoliator. At night, I use bio oil instead of moisturizer. 

  21. oh and i use Bare Minerals cleanser and moisturiser, it is very good i recommend it highly!! <3

  22. i have exactly the same skin colour/ skin type as you and i’m ginger! <3 x x


  24. The Clean & Clear moisturiser actually has salicylic acid in it! I checked the ingredients a few days ago, and it’s there.

  25. I love the face wash so much and they just smell amazing :D