OFFICIAL Paula’s Choice Product Review: Skin Care Extras

Paula’s Choice skin care accessories mentioned: 1) Oil blotting papers 2) Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish 3) Brighten Up 2-minute Teeth Whitener 4) Almost The Real Thing Self Tanning Gel 5) Healthy Finish Pressed Powder in Healthy Tan offical All products can be found on her website at: Thanks for watching! Check out my sites below Blog: Twitter Facebook:

Hey Lovelies, Here are the products mentioned in my April Favs: Face of Australia Nail Polish – Minty Mojito Revlon Photo Ready Foundation – 005 Natural Beige Prestige Mineral Bronzing Powder – Pure Shimmer Models Prefer Eye Brightener (Blog Post: Essence Eye…
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49 Responses to “OFFICIAL Paula’s Choice Product Review: Skin Care Extras”

  1. You’re so attractive!!!

  2. Ross you are the best, your videos actually help and they are straight to the point.

  3. If you’re lightskinned, why tan? All the downsides to tanning isn’t worth a little tan. 

  4. Do it in stages. first 10 minutes in the sun. the next day twenty. ease into it or you’ll burn to a crisp. Protip: don’t increase increments too much too quickly.

  5. Does he get paid to do these reviews ? I hope not

  6. where’d you buy the shirt? :) you’re hot by the way!

  7. Why would he do a hair loss video? He still has all his hair, theres no advice to be given..

  8. Paulas´choice cured my acne, made my teeth shine white and i just feel awesome .
    Thanks Paula and Ross!

  9. where can i buy the lil Brighten Up 2-minute Teeth Whitener thingie ..??

  10. fop

  11. you’re hot :P I like your videos man kep em comin’ :)

  12. Can you pleaseeee make a video on how to tan for light skinned people because when I try I get sunburned and peel not actually tan /: please and thank you!!

  13. Great video Ross!

    I hope you want children one day, because I saw them written on your palm(sorry I just could not help myself but read it). I cannot say when exactly but in the next 3-6 years many changes are coming :D happy for you !

  14. its gay guys like you who really make me a supporter of gay marriage.

  15. hey ross can you make a video on ways to get rid of large pores espically on the nose I would greatly appreciated it Thnks and keep making videos

  16. your skin is super sensitive? once you applied the blotting paper, your face turned super pink

  17. OMG The color of your Shirt is BEAUTIFUL Ross !! What’s the brand ??
    (I love your vids by the way !! Your the best Youtube Guru for men !)

  18. Is there a way you can do a make up video for men? By that I mean giving your input on the best and worst products out there in your opinion. I try looking around myself and its just impossible for me without just trying everything…and I don’t want to do that.

  19. who on earth can dislike Ross’s video?????

  20. have and love the shine stopper. is LAST thing you put on (after toner, treatment, moisturizer)

  21. Please Ross do a hair loss video please…long time subscriber here!!

  22. you look so different from your first video Ross :) 

  23. Thumbs up if you get excited everytime Ross posts a new video!

  24. CAN i put a facial moisturizer under the shine stopper ?? (:

  25. Aw thank you for your lovely comment, babes :o ) xx

  26. hello i just wanted to say i really love your videos, your very friendly and i love that you use affordable products, iv been looking for a good aussie beauty blogger for ages and think your it…keep up the good work :)

  27. Hey :o ) Priceline and Target x

  28. Hi mel, where do you get your Essence products in Australia? thanks :)

  29. Hi – your hair looks amazing!!!!! Great favs 2 :)

  30. I loveee the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser and your skin always looks gorgeous!! xx

  31. Not so dewy, just gives a really beautiful glow, but once i powdered it, it just turned to a really nice matte finish, however it still made my skin practically glow! :)

  32. Thanks chicky :o ) I should have a blog post up soon of my vanity, desk and shelves and how I organise them :o )

  33. That’s true – I used to do them. Once I’m using products that I’ve regretted buying or finished I’ll definitely do a video on it – was thinking of doing “Empties” videos soon :o )

  34. Aw thanks Doll!! :o )
    It’s quite comparable actually. The YSL tc isn’t as thick a consistency but the MP eye brightener pen is just as good and I like that it’s a bit thicker because it covers more and gives off a great highlight :o ) And for the price difference it’s worth it!! :o ) xo

  35. Awesome!! I’ll try them next :o )

  36. On the CherryCulture website :o )

  37. Thanks chicky :o ) xo

  38. Oh yes, I got my priceline letter the other day and saw the new loreal lumi magique foundation – I’ll go and check it out for sure!! The $10 was a great bonus :o ) How are you finding it? Has it got the dewy finish?

  39. Oh thank you!! :o )

  40. Hey Chicky, it’s the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and I used Creep (Sparkley Black) and Gunmetal (Grey). :o ) xo

  41. loving your hair Mel! do you have a video showing how you organize your makeup or vanity desk? if not, can you do one? ps this is my new channel. hope you’ll subscribe. i may keep the old one just for vlogging. but we’ll see.. lol take care hun. xo

  42. I’d love to see a ”Products i regret buying” or “Products i’ve hit pan on” video from you :) they’re some of the most informative videos :D 

  43. Your favourites videos are so fun to watch!
    Ive tried both the brow highlighter and the corrector pen (i think thats what its called). They both work very well!
    I was wondering what you though of the eye brightener compared to the YSL touche eclate?

  44. I love love love lush masks!! You should try the cupcake one (amazing!) and my ultimate favorite it mask of magnaminty! Sooo good

  45. love your hair : )

  46. Love your hair!

  47. Thanks for the reviews, great shopping list ideas, I will be visiting priceline tomorrow :)

  48. Great video

  49. No problem xx