Saundarya – Saundarya – Make Up Tips – How To Look Beautiful

Ace Beautician Rachana Sharma demonstrates the make up to make model Shifa look even more beautiful. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips
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10 Responses to “Saundarya – Saundarya – Make Up Tips – How To Look Beautiful”

  1. Ur only objective should be , Learn learn how to talk to your clients in a positive manner , need client consultation training with out any time waste. Get some professional tools and other products. You are more excited than your clients .keep your self in a professional way ,let your hands do all the talking. Get some different products so you can have some practice to use them ,same old products use, getting same looks on different faces .

  2. kya pagal aurat hai ye make up karne wali..customer ko khush karne ke liye kucchu bhi bolti hai :D ek ladki aayi thi, usko bronze make up chahiye tha, to usko boli ki bronze dikhna is very in thing..aur ab iss ladki ko kah rahi hai gora dikhna is in thing..lmfao :D

  3. that barbie doll..lolol

  4. Shut up, allright?

  5. Why does she only use pink eyeshadow? Very boring

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  7. Uuurrrghh hate the makeup cant even see anything

  8. Hi Reader,

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  9. I am sorry but i caaant undeerstaand yyouu! Great makeup thoo.

  10. I liked the technique but not really professional, you don’t use the same brush for the neck and the face, or you don’t do face before neck, at the end you didn’t show the complete look of the Shifa, and I think smoked eyes would look better on her than the way you did it, because she already has round eyes, you made it look circle, cat eyes would look great on her, because her face is round, and her eyebrows, she would better look with pointed eyebrows and round, you contoured it round,