Skin Care (DIY) : Acne and Pimple Reducer/Killer

Read me!!!!!! This is a “Do It Yourself” Acne or Pimple treatment. Fairly easily to do because most of these stuff can be easily found in your very own household. I believe that this video is very easy to follow along but if there are any questions, feel free to cmt below or msg me :) Disclaimer: Music is not owned by me, it belongs to it’s rightful owner. This is a Korean song by a underground music grouped called Urban Zakapa. Check them out :)

Everyone has different skin types! These work well on my skin type (combination type), hope I gave you some tips/ideas! :) Enjoy! My Twitter: My Facebook page: My Instagram: kathylouee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “Skin Care (DIY) : Acne and Pimple Reducer/Killer”

  1. Thanks for the video ! Im going to try this out haha, i have all the stuff at home for it (: so thats really neat

  2. @18Loverr Lol, aw thank you :)

  3. Omg ur beautiful!!! :D

  4. Oh I never did a mac giveaway! My last giveaway was Dior, Makeup Forever and Harajuku. :) The winner is chosen randomly!

  5. OMg yay! you finally did my request! So does that mean I win the mac giveaway ?^^

  6. I’m in Ontario! Awh that sucks, it was so nice last week, and now its cold and rainy. :(

  7. Where do you live in Canada! I live in Manitoba and it just HAD to snow and get cold last night >.<

  8. Thanks! Yes I am, it’s starting to get warmer now! :)

  9. really helpful video. i’ve been looking for a new exfoliator, i might try that lush one. and i didn’t know you were also canadian! it’s nice to know i can find the products you mention here where i am :)

  10. Thanks. (:

  11. Thanks so much. :)

  12. Thanks! :D 

  13. I’m glad I can help and thank you. :)

  14. Welcome! :)

  15. Thanks so much! Love you too Sophie! :) <3

  16. you’re really cute and kind! the shirt is fabulous! =) hope to win! by susy =)

  17. you’re really cute and kind! the shirt is fabulous! =) hope to win! by susy =)

  18. Your skin looks perfect, i have combination skin as well and Proactive just made it worst but now Ive been loving Clinique 3step.. :)

  19. great routine <3

  20. You have really great skin! imma have to try out some of the products you mention :-) 

  21. thanks for the awesome tips! and you do have a flawless face, i can tell u take good care of your skin :)

  22. thanks for the video….:)

  23. Agree with BoJaydaLee -You look like Kelly Hu!!!

  24. I also have combination skin ! This is very helpful dear :)
    And as always you look very pretty- that makes us trust this skin care routine! hahahaa :)
    love you Kathy!

  25. Holly is amazing :)

  26. I love the lush its heavenly…. and with the big pieces of salt take a spoon and mix it in completely

  27. hmm you look strikingly similar to hollyannaeree:O omg you do!

  28. A lot of people have also been telling me I remind them of Hollyannaeree? :S Haha I’m going to search her up! :)