Skin | Care Regimen

Hello!!! I know it’s been a minute and yes i did miss y’all.. A LOT :) **Oil Cleansing Method Info** ~Great Tutorial~ Find me @…………. Twitter: @Neffyfrofro Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: neffyfrofro
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25 Responses to “Skin | Care Regimen”

  1. yes… my skin care regimen has been the same for years :)

  2. talking a lot… it’s another term for rambling :)

  3. Do you still use the Oil cleansing method? is that all you use at night before bed or do you use another cleanser?

  4. …why are yu still here?

  5. What is waffleing?

  6. You even admitted that you didn’t know if you were pronouncing it correctly. Lol!

  7. lol it’s not that serious but thanx :)

  8. thank you .. i use palmolive

  9. You look so pretty!!! Your face and your body skin is so clear. What kind of soap are you using for your body skin?

  10. SORRYYY.. but I grew up next to a baobab tree so i kinda got iffy when u said bowubub or something , we say it as bow-bub .. jus sayin in the most gentle way :) x

  11. hey ! :) i get it from shea butter cottage, if you Google it, it will come up because i cant comment with the url

  12. Hey, the black soap you use looks really good ive also had a problem with some black soaps being too drying, where do you buy yours from?

  13. I use black soap on my face and since I started using it I noticed a big difference in my skin. I use Alaffia from Whole Foods here in the US but you can buy from their website. I also use their toner which is great too.

    alaffia dot com

  14. it’s called Senegalese twist :) 

  15. Twinzies !!

  16. @laila what are those twist that you have in your head during ur beginning intro at the beginning of your vids? they’re really pretty and I’m considering getting some of those.

  17. you remind me of myself! so hey twin :) haha but i subbed lady so i’ll be tuned in!


  19. Omg I love your videos! You’re so adorable!

  20. OMG this was sooo helpful hunn. We have the same type of skin. Great video. please check out my channel, when you have a chance. bisouu

  21. This is a great video for you next video could you please do a make up tutorial I love how you do your eyes and eyebrows its not too much but not too little if you get what I mean :) and just to say you have given me the courage to finally transition I have always been procrastinating but your videos gave me that big push and I haven’t relaxed for like 6 months and going to a majority black college where relaxed hair and weave is every where fighting the temptation is hard

  22. UK in the house :) lol

  23. no i personally didn’t but depending on the state of your skin the method may bring all the “impurities” to the surface in an effort to clear the skin. Stick with it for at least 3 months before making your mind up about it. 

  24. yep yep… sure can :)

  25. oh no! sorry.. try finding an alternative from your local health food store maybe ?!