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Old Skincare videos: Skin care products: Nivea Visage daily essentials refreshing facial wash Bioderma Cleanser Simple hydrating light moisturiser Revive moisturiser Lush Brazened Honey face mask Makeup: Mac face and body foundation c4 Nars Sheerglow foundation – barcelona Sigma f80 brush Mac trace gold blusher Real techniques blush brush Mac msf gold deposit Food: Vitamin A: Renewal of new skin cells. Collagen production. Dairy, eggs Vitamin B: Gives firmness and exfoliation. Vegetables, eggs Vitamin C: Stucture, firmness and elasticity to your face. Citrus fruits, peppers, berries Vitamin D: Development of skin cells. Egg, dairy, salmon Vitamin E: Builds and maintains healthy skin tissue. Wheat, nuts, leafs, wholegrains Fat: For supple skin and soft shiny hair. Avocado, olive oil, fish Exercise, no smoking, no alcohol and sleep is a BIG factor. Jacket: Rokit Top: UO Lipgloss: Mac Cultured Nails: Revlon – Minted
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Skin Care Routine | beautywithkendra”

  1. Also, I’m sure 4 months later from making this video you probably know that GinZing isn’t a moisturizer nor wrinkle-prevention product, it’s just just caffeinne in the medium of a somewhat watery salmon-colored cream. But it didn’t cause milia for me…

  2. Used GinZing for a while, it feels refreshing during application, but that feeling quickly passes. It didn’t brighten or depuff in any noticeable way for me. I get better results from a refridgerated spoon or an ice cube.
    Try Thayers rose witchhazel alcohol-free toner, that hydrates my skin for like none other, with no fear of milia cuz it’s not a cream, and that stuff feels amazing, makes my skin so hydrated I don’t need to slather on the creams anymore. Check makeupalley reviews.

  3. i think so!

  4. does sephora still tell the DDF cleanser?

  5. They are millia. (clogged pore). You can get them extracted at derm, but I have found them to go away on their own with time!

  6. Purpose cleanser (at drugstore) removes makeup wonderfully!

  7. i LOVE osea products… they are great! the black algae mask is amazing.

  8. beautifullybrokenish Reply September 18, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    I recommend the orange bottles of clarisonic cleansers Ive used them and they feel so good on the skin….I also use lancome milk cleanser that is really good for dry skin it doesnt leave your face looking oily I have THEE bEST moisturizer my mom actually introduced it to me before she died because she lived by it and its REALLY really hydrating and you can buy it online i believe for like 9 dollars or something like that

  9. I have those white bumps as well and not sure how to get rid of them. Have you been able to get them to go away?

  10. I second Bobbi brown eye cream! I love it. Check to see if you have a CCO store around you. I get mine there cheaper.

  11. Would you happen to know if that perfect world moisturizer smells like the perfect world skin guardian? I can’t stand the smell of the skin guardian.

  12. you’re so gorgeous! You remind me of Angelina Jolie :) I subbed. Feel free to check out my channel <3 love!! xo

  13. extra virgin olive oil is amazing as a makeup remover!

  14. what nail polishes are you wearing?!

  15. the only ive tried is clinique repairwear laser focus, and i really enjoyed it.

  16. Great video, saw it twice! Is there a particular face serum u would recommend?

  17. Thanks :)  I just bought some!

  18. hi thanks for sharing your your favorite products! I had a questions what are your makeup colors you are wearing in this video and which products are they. THANKS!!!!!

  19. yes..biore has one that is great! I think ive been through like 4 bottles of it, totally forgot about it!

  20. Are there any drug store toners that you suggest??

  21. hey Kendra! just wanted to let you know that I use GinZing every morning under my eyes! I haven’t noticed millia forming from it or anything, and it definitely depuffs my under-eye-area as well as lessen the darkness!

  22. newyorklovergirl100 Reply September 19, 2012 at 4:57 am

    i also heard eye creams which r too rich can cause milia

  23. love the lighting!

  24. I use Never a Dull Moment and tried A Perfect World and hated it. I have dry skin and it dried me out so badly. It may be a great product for normal skin, but dry skin, not so much.

  25. just the same cleansers :)

  26. you can use the avocado for your skin too :) I use it as a mask mixed with other stuff – awesome especially if your skin is just feeling really bleh

  27. wheres the fitness video plzzzz?

  28. It’s still called avacado in the US c: xoxo

  29. Yes. Do a diet and fitness video :)

  30. couldnt help notice you have the Cheryl Cole tattoo!!!! :D :D :D sorry im like one of her biggest fans paha :’) <3 love the vid btw! :) x

  31. Please do a diet and fitness video -3 Your skin is really beautiful -3

  32. you’re so healthy!! I’m so jel

  33. diet/fitness video, please!!

  34. Make Up Tutorial For This Look Please?

  35. @happysad321 yeah but there natural sugars that are good for your immune system

  36. Aww Gracie I’ve missed your face! My laptop broke and am now watching you on my iPad. Some great tips in here gonna have to watch again and take notes. Your hair looks awesome red really suits you xx

  37. please do a diet video :)

  38. love the way u say yogurt! ur health kick is inspiring

  39. Bought the daily essentials & drinking lots of water, it’s helped so much thank you Gracie! <3 :)

  40. I LOVE your watch. Where did you get it? <3

  41. I’m already trying to eat more healthy but this video makes me want to do it even more. You look so healthy & glowy! :)

  42. omg I didn’t know you had freckles, they’re so cute!

  43. by the way: in America we call it an Avocado too :)

  44. Please do a diet/exersise video:)

  45. did you previously drink a lot of alcohol or is it just cutting it out completely on the new diet?

  46. is your hd brow kit in the colour vamp?

  47. LOOL thats the best dream ever right ;)

  48. Okay, this is completely irrelevant but you were in my dream a minute ago when I was enjoying my afternoon nap and it was gross! You were my girlfriend haahhaha and I accidentally smashed your iPhone and then you broke up with me. And then Sam came round and was wearing this bright orange poncho… and then I woke up. Oh and all of this was set in my real life boyfriends house. Just thought I’d share that with you cos it’s weird haha x

  49. I have like the same skin! This is so helpful! Thanks so much Gracie xxxx

  50. you can add spice in the olive oil for flavor like pepper or garlic powder etc :) ! i just thought of that lol