Skin Care Routine: Fall 2012

I hope you all liked my very jumbled up update/skin care routine video! Please excuse the excess talking I do in this video. Thank you. LINKS BELOW: Biore Skin balancing cleanser Olay spin brush Garnier gel-cream moisturizer Cetaphil gentle moisturizer SPF 15 Fougera (PRESCRIBED BY DOCTOR CANT BE BOUGHT IN DRUGSTORE) Stridex aloe pads 0.5% salicylic acid Tea tree oil Collin exfoliant LINKS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: instagram: @ makeupkatie95 HI IM KAYTE AND I LIEK MAKUP

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24 Responses to “Skin Care Routine: Fall 2012”

  1. I just found your channel from your kool aid dip dye tutorial and your videos are awesome!!

  2. do you have bobbo brown in america?

  3. can people from canada win the contest?

  4. aahhhhh! congrats for 13 thousand. you totally deserve more! i love your videos so much<3 will you be my best friend?:)

  5. where did you get your necklace!? i love it!

  6. i subbed when you were on 1000 subscribers and i have been watching ever since :) well done for 13,000 thats so amazing :O you followed me on twitter last night so thanks :)

  7. You Talk A lot ! -.-

  8. Wtf it’s none of your business I was asking Katie

  9. im obsessed with the killers hahahahahha

  10. would you put in the half baked eyeshadow by urban decay :) oooh orrr! an amazonion clay blush by tarte or something like that :)  haha

  11. If you watched the video, you would know.

  12. Do a back to school makrup kit! Like thr naked 2 palette, primer,brush,translesecent powder, mascara, blush etc

  13. I just loooooooove your neclace <3

    + <3 Killers :D

  14. Mac please Mac mac stila nars Nyx but mostly Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac

  15. Mac please Mac mac stila nars Nyx but mostly Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac

  16. I use tea tree oil for my acne too!! <3

  17. hi i would love mac products to but not a good idea to give away foundation because she probably wont have the right colour for you so maybe lipsticks and blush or eyeshadows but not foundation thats just my opinion

  18. Katie did u win the 5 below contest u didn’t make a video

  19. can you put the mac foundations in the give away or any other high end makeup product cuz i dont have any of the high end makeup products lol i love you katie you are so pretty

  20. cn u u put in the maybelline dream bouncy blush bb cream nix cream blushes and eos lipbalms like the new alice in wonderland limited addition?

  21. Maybe in the giveaway you could put and XL knitted sweater in?? I know it’s not makeup, but I just had that idea. :P

  22. Love this!!!


  24. put the naked palette in the giveaway! :)