17 Responses to “Skin Care Routine + OOTD!”

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  2. Cady, I love you send your videos so much! I can’t put it into words it is just so amazing. I get so excited when you make a new video! Please make a other one really soon! And please please answer your like one of my idols!-3 love you

  3. u remind me soooo much of kylie jenner! love the video! :)

  4. You are so pretty! So happy you are making alot more videos now:)

  5. thank you so so so much honey!

  6. i don’t actually work out or eat anything specific actually :( i just have a high metabolism! i’m sorry i couldn’t help! :(

  7. Rook piercing video please!

  8. omg you’re sooo gorgeous!!! love this amazing ootd!!!!

  9. Fitness routine? You’re so skinny omg

  10. your hair is tooooo gorgeous

  11. ahh i want your hair its soo pretty!!!!

  12. I have the same dress, but just in black. I love it! and it’s just so soft to wear, and it’s just amazing!.

  13. more ootd’s =)

  14. School supplies haul? :)

  15. Yay! More videos Cady I love you!

  16. It’s definitely working. You look amazing!

  17. thanks for the video :) you’re gorgeous