Skin care

DERP DERP Im not a good guru when it comes to skin care products..i dont know much about the stuff. lol Facebook I do not own the music used in this video NO COPYRIGHT intended. Dethklok-murmaider
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25 Responses to “Skin care”

  1. How I can get a skin as pale as yours? I’m white, but I tan a lot this summer :s

  2. Oh… I am so jealous! haha

  3. Im naturally this pale..but i use porcelain by cover girl to match or manic panics moonlight foundation.

  4. I have a question, what kind of makeup do you use to make your skin that pale? If you already have a video explaining, please tell me which one.

  5. great vid!

  6. can u do a tutorial of MK9 Sindel makeup? I really wanna use it in out meeting night thanks <3
    (if u don’t know it google it)

  7. requesting a nior look, thanks.

  8. Hey check out my channel? Maybe subscribe? I’m trying it up and going :)

  9. I love your top!!! I can never fine HIM vest tops

  10. i love your lisp. its so cute!!!

  11. Maybe you need to update your editing software too?

  12. Its actually a Ville Valo top :)

  13. Oh my. Where did you get that Peter Steele top!?

  14. i love your videos!!!

  15. dethklok! <3

  16. haha thank you thats so sweet…go for it sweetie :)

  17. You’re such a goof, I love it. Also, do you mind if I post your pictures on Tumblr every once in a while? You’re so gorgeous.

  18. love your room ! ^^

  19. You so remind me of myself when you dork out. Check out my beauty video. Love the new Cam.

  20. I think the camera is good Kris the only thing I.notice when the.image got darker.on this video it.looked better so…play with the.white balance,color tone.etc :)

  21. fine ill wash my face…and i cant wait 4 the eyebrow vid, the amy lee hair vid, and the braces vid :)

  22. How do you keep ur body so…not fat? LOL yeah x)

  23. <3 

  24. haha <3 thank you sweets

  25. Thanks. It happens.