24 Responses to “4 Ways to Deal with Stress…”

  1. The balloon was a great analogy! Explains me in a nutshell :) Great video.

  2. This is the best advice I’ve ever heard on stress and how to deal with it. Thank you very much!

  3. This is brilliant! Thanks!

  4. great video. thanks :o )

  5. great video

  6. Thanks pal! Really helpful, keep it up :)

  7. @SteveGeoMasters try not to worry. If you are stressed, that has all sorts of effects on the body, including muscles tightening up. If you find it disappears after your exams (good luck btw), that’s probably all it is. Either way, why not head to the doctor and get some reassurance. God bless.

  8. in these days im writing exams and i have bronchospasm!I feel something like tightening in my belly!I have stress, i think and bronchospasm adjusts stress,causing heavy cough!Do i have something bad?Can somebody help!?

  9. Inspirational :)

  10. This Man is such an inspiration <3

  11. Thank you….

  12. IrraticLIGHTBULB Reply April 20, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    this guy is very wise ,hes a travel cat ,like hes hopped frieght trains before ,hes knows his shit ,btw thanks man

  13. this goes right into my favorites :)

  14. Awsome vid

  15. So simple, yet so true. I honestly don’t know how I never thought of that before. Thank you so much! You’re completely right!

  16. I love your videos so much. You have helped me more than you can imagine. Please never stop sharing your wisdom and joy :-)

  17. love the vid man, keep it up!

  18. bravo…you are just AWESOME!

  19. SMART !! man
    like ++++++++++++++

  20. Thank you. My day has been revived. I was stressed out not only by my problems, but with also not knowing how to deal with my stress. I know now that is a great idea to deal with stress immediately

  21. you rock bro

  22. I am 16 year old, and i enjoy’d this! :-)

  23. Sean is that an energy muse necklace?nicevideo!

  24. hahaha he couldnt pop the ballon the first try