bellicon 15 Mins Workout

Enjoy a 15 mins whole body workout program with 2 different exercises in each of the of the following 5 major categories: ● Power – exercise muscles and burn off fat ● Cardio – strengthening the heart with aerobic exercise ● Flexibility ● Balance – coordination and fall prevention ● Relax – relieve stress Please make sure that you are used to bounce on the bellicon prior to follow this workout routine! Please also note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other bellicon exercise program. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers and developers of this video and website disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice herein. To learn more about the bellicon rebounder go here: Also check out the bellicon Youtube Channel And stay updated on Facebook: and of course Twitter:
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30 Responses to “bellicon 15 Mins Workout”

  1. you wont have to send it back. Believe me!!!

  2. Congrats. It is amazing, isn’t it. Big Huge, difference. Well well beyond what I had. this makes me want to do it. 

  3. I finally went ahead and got one, and its REALLY A QUALITY PIECE OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. It’s as substantial as a trampoline in a gym, but smaller –and the bounce is light years away from my older 1980′s style mini-trampoline. Not only does it not jar my neck and back the way the older style one does now (I’m 50,) the bounce is VERY SMOOTH, but –and this is not a contradiction–it’s harder on my muscles–the mat being elevated sort of destabilizes your core and you work harder to maintain form

  4. what size is this trampoline? It looks like their biggest one. It does look very bouncy.

  5. thank you. I will. I can’t wait for tomorow to rebound some more:)

  6. Good for you. :) If you are interested in some info how to use it head over to qibounding. Sylvia has a great amount of information available about bouncing with videos and explanation how to position your feet, body, etc. She is very kind and supportive. 

  7. I got mine on friday. I’m very very very happy about the choice. :) thanks for the reply. very timely

  8. I have the exact same bellicon except with a pink ribbon, it is absolutely top notch quality, I can only recommend it.

  9. I wish stores had these so we can try it out to see if it’ as nice as it looks. Can’t see spending $500 on equipment you may have to send back.

  10. This is an amazing workout video! Great production values, easy to follow, really good quality. Please make some more workout videos in this style. I especially love the graphics and the camera work that allows us to see the exercises from different angles. The music choice is also good. Yes, I like the video, one of the best for overall usefulness and style that I have seen for any type exercise on YouTube. More!

  11. Taetae REALLY Love Fany. naff said!!

  12. OMG! this remind me of The Vampire Dairies one of there favorite OST~
    Season 3 almost UP~
    TaeNy Jjang! :) )

  13. Everything was so amazing but the last bit extra amazing!! Good job!

  14. I still don’t understand why people think all of this is just fanservice, they really care for each other and you can tell

  15. Seriously, your vids are daebak!!!!

  16. i really like this vid cause just like tiffany or taeyeon i fell inlove with my friend unintentionally..

  17. I get that smile on my face only by watching TaeNy ♥

  18. You can clearly see and feel how their bond is unbreakable and the growth of their relationship unstoppable….seriously these two are like soul mates, no matter ion what what kind of way…I just love their strong and special bond -3 TaeNy forever my OTP

  19. หวานมากค่า

  20. How many moment of TaeNy ,,,It’s over to count

  21. I just love those eye contacts..I can feel the Love oh gosh TaeNy

  22. beautifully made. *brushes away tear.

  23. honestly i dont really like tiffany, but when she’s around taeyeon i think she’s very bright and pretty

  24. the best video!!!! and yea FTW!!! taenyaaaahhhh fightinggg

  25. Yep, they’re real. ;__;

  26. omg i love this song !!

  27. Tae ah!!!!!Please marry Fany!!!!!!!!Stay together forever!!!!!!!!

  28.  i’ve watched your Taeny collection 2011 and 2012
    can you make 2007 – 2010 too?
    just want to watch all Taeny moment from debut :)

  29. A drop in the ocean
    A change in the weather
    I was praying that Taeyeon and Tiffany
    Might end up together

  30. TaeNy is love!!