de-stress face and head self massage

Our massage therapist, Kylie discusses the benefits of massage during pregnancy, birth and for baby throughout our DVDs. This month, she talked Tarni through a massage that she can do anytime and anywhere. We often rub our forehead or our temples when we have a headache, or are feeling a little stressed. In this short video, follow Tarni as she takes 3 minutes for herself. Self massage is easy and relaxing. In the process of rubbing and putting pressure into various parts of your face, neck and scalp, you touch pressure points that help to calm and relax you. Start by: 1) Rub your hands together quickly to warm them up, and use a little olive oil or face cream to reduce friction if desired. 2) Take some deep breaths, breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth, letting your tension go with your ‘out breath’. Feel your shoulders drop lower with your out-breath. 3) Press ‘play’ and give yourself a face, neck and scalp massage that will help to rejuvenate you for your day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “de-stress face and head self massage”

  1. unbelievable , its work

  2. Thank you so very much for posting this. I suffer from anxiety and am trying to sleep now before having to be up in 5 hours (2 a.m.) for work. This helped so much. Thank you. This just became a fave. :)

  3. omg thanks relaxing
    !!!!!!!!!!! :) :D !!!!!!!!

  4. It works.Thanks!

  5. soon as i touched the areas around my ears i began to snore…XD

  6. it work fo me thanks you i will do evry day i feel stress

  7. Love it :X :X:X::X:XX

  8. Love it :X

  9. This is perfect for a quick 5 mins break at work.
    The music is also very relaxing! Nice touch.

  10. bueno el masage gracias.

  11. i have done this several times. it feels amazing. i have a terrible cold, and this is making me feel tons better. thank you.

  12. i think at least 38,821 views of those are mine :P i do this once a day and it’s soooo relaxing. thanks for sharing :)

  13. this was so amazing it really helps!!!

  14. I don’t think a day has gone by since I’ve seen there where I haven’t done this at least twice. This feels awesome!

  15. aaaaaah i did it twice ,,
    this feels really really good

    Thank you

  16. Gosh, this felt wonderful. Thanks, I needed it.

  17. oye es fabuloso con solo ver la forma de hacerte el masaje me relajé, gracias muchas gracias lo llevaré a la practica

  18. That thumb behind ears/on neck 1:09 is amazing.

  19. ahh i just did what you were doing in the video and it almost put me to sleep. good way to get rid of a headache by the way.

  20. I felt tingly just watching

  21. cool thnx

  22. man just watching relaxed me, im definately trying this, i get headaches all the time.

  23. hypnotic. freaky

  24. at the end of the day it just doesn’t feel as good as when it’s someone else giving you the massage.