Head and Shoulder Massage for Couples

Head and Shoulder Massage for Couples

Connie Weatherman demonstrates how she teaches couples to relieve stress and tension through head and shoulder massage techniques
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Use the proven techniques of Tai Chi to totally relax your mind while also getting a satisfying full body workout. This is accomplished by Tai Chi movements that soothe the mind while strengthening and relaxing the muscles. Additional exercises will clear the mind, relieve stress and pull the energy of the active mind into the lower abdomen, the body’s natural energy source.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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10 Responses to “Head and Shoulder Massage for Couples”

  1. me too!!!!

  2. I want to be that lady in the chair!
    I have a really sore shoulder at the moment :(

  3. Man I wish I could trade places with that lady in the chair!

  4. Yes DC is sadly missed – the character he played in Kung Fu still affects me wonderfully to this day. And the comments I have read below have gladdened my heart – time to spread the peaceful love and compassion portrayed by David in Kung Fu – what a wonderful memory to David that will be.

  5. Amen to these wonderful words. Wishing you great peace and blessings.

  6. It’s so refreshing to have people showing sympathy and love. Too many comments on here and in the world are so cruel. This video also gives me peace in my stressful life.

  7. I miss David a lot. I met him . and cried the first five minutes. and I miss him. he was funny,kind and I will never believe he commited sucide

  8. Carradine is dead. My hero since the infancy. So sad.

  9. Carradine is dead. My heri since the infancy. So sad.

  10. I cried the first time I saw this tape. I was suppose to be in it.but i got a kidney stone. and had surgery, I will never believe he killed hi,self. its hard to hang your self with the rope tied behind your back. I wish we find the truth out,