How to Do Shiatsu Hip & Back Massages : How to Do Shiatsu Buttock Massages

How to Do Shiatsu Hip & Back Massages : How to Do Shiatsu Buttock Massages

Learn how to do a Japanese shiatsu massage of the buttocks to relieve stress and tension with expert massage therapy tips in this free health video clip. Expert: Richard Neil Bio: Richard Neil is a licensed, certified massage therapist. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “How to Do Shiatsu Hip & Back Massages : How to Do Shiatsu Buttock Massages”

  1. 1:54 “Do you feel that?….mmmm…..”

  2. LOL @ the cat!

  3. I love how the camera follows the cat rather than what he’s doing, lol

  4. I wonder if there is a shiatsu massag therapist that works with people like me that had childhood arthritis;.

  5. lol @ the cat. My cat tries giving me a massage when I sleep, she walks on my back and ends up falling asleep there.

  6. i love that pussy

  7. 0:19, I had to check my timeline t see if it was buffering.

  8. Miguel Flores Franco Reply August 18, 2012 at 2:35 pm


  9. right. u like feeling that ass dont u. n thats why i want to be a masoose haha :)

  10. Weird toes

  11. Kitty wants a massage too!!!!kitty likes being massage.

  12. i love your kitty

  13. when the cat comes in it all feels a lot less embarassing and sexual! lol… elsewise… he’d be too hot! lol

  14. The cat relieves like 80% of the awkwardness that would otherwise be present here

  15. I think he is a very, cute guy with a sexy, hairy chest. How do I know? You can catch more of him on late nights/early mornings (repeats) of specific shows called Bedtime Stories (episode Another Woman/The Other Woman), Beverly Hills Bordello (Inspiration), and Best Sex Ever (Not on the Menu). His stage name is Richard Moses. Check your Cinemax/Showtime/The Movie Channel listings and check him out and see what I am talking about..oh, so sexy!

  16. just hit F5 on your keyboard…it will skip them

  17. lol i like that pussy

  18. Love the cat!! :) That was funny!

  19. haha the cat!

  20. So soothing.

  21. the massage therapist should know that ofcourse… They will give u a form to fill up about your health concerns..

  22. My cats come in when I do Shiatsu on clients, they never seem to mind. The clients that is, not the cats!

  23. The Shiatsu practitioner will do a full medical history on your first visit and you can either tell them then, but they know as they will see how you move.


  24. I love this therapist’s videos, but im getting a bit tired of the 15 sec ad in the beginning of most of them