24 Responses to “How to Relieve Menopause Symptoms : The Signs & Symptoms of Menopause”

  1. is frequent headpain at forehead due to menopause

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  3. Thank you! Very useful explanation of what should be obvious but isn’t always!

  4. my period as stop please help me i am too young under 30 ….. what should i do i missed 2 months now… and i have no sexual partner so am not pregent….

  5. can manopause cause migriane

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  8. what age do you stop menopause

  9. Very daring. You title this, How to Relieve Menopause Symptoms,not backing the title up. You didn’t really consider your audience carefully here did y’ah.

    I am sick of this getting played down. Night sweats? Whatever, I am soaked up to 15 times a day. I do not want to go anywhere. When does anyone talk about the heart racing? Shortness of breath? Needelling feeling at different parts of the body? Hot Flashes sounds too tame. I feel like I am going to combust!

  10. PerimenopauseWeight Reply December 26, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Nice explanations of the symptoms, but what are some of the solutions?

  11. Yeah good old symptom. Going fucking crazy.

  12. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, CEO of Eastern Essentials Chinese Herbal Medicine, and I developed what I consider to be the best treatment available to treat menopause symptoms. 100% NATURAL!

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    This formula is designed to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes (sometimes called hot flashes), sweating, menstrual irregularities, and mental disturbances such as anxiety and nervousness. This formula treats Menopause at the source.

  13. Term it as you want but in the UK it is called HOT FLUSHES i should know and for feck sake is a polite way of not swearing and saying the real meaning of feck,,,

  14. well i know it as hot flash, and trust me i have first hand experience of it. lol. and it’s not fecks sake, it’s something else that i”m going to repeat here lol.

  15. Nothing here about, “How to Relieve Menopause Symptoms”.
    Misleading text/header.

  16. It’s a f*cking nightmare.  You feel like you’re having a heart attack, hyperventilating, numbness and weakness in your arms and legs.

  17. It does appear that she has a problem that would cause some of the symtoms that you would notice.

  18. I’m trying to convince my mum she has it.
    She’s 43 years old…

  19. …get a new corevette, hair plugs, testosterone injections, work out, lose 20 lbs, a 25 year old girlfriend…these are some of the ‘traditional’ remadies for MMS’s in the western world.

  20. What the hell is a hot flash isn’t that something dirty old men do outside to woman flash them their naties,
    It hot flushs for fecks sake

  21. is this woman really an expert ? or just trying to sell the cream ?

  22. You’ll find HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy. It looks like you forgot in this clip.

  23. Hot flashes or hot flushes? I think you’ll find it’s the latter.

  24. Hot flashes or hot fushes!