Hypnosis: Guided Relaxation

This is a simple but very effective guided relaxation session. The goal of this video is to relieve stress and help the viewer to feel more relaxed whenever they want to. There are no trigger words used so anybody can watch this video to get the full effect. Feel free to comment on this video since I am very interested in feedback from my viewers. Also thank you for all the views and subscriptions

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9 Responses to “Hypnosis: Guided Relaxation”

  1. So much more calm. ^_^
    Now I am able to think clearly to write.
    Thank you.
    Also, I find it easier to be hypnotized with a voice instead of just reading.

  2. I feel great! Thank you

  3. i will remember the trigger word.

  4. i will remember the trigger

  5. these vids don’t work on me, i mean they do relax me but they don’t make me do the command like in the mute your voice hypnosis vid, my voice didn’t mute. another person told me they had the same thing but after a while of watching the vids they started to work but i watch one vid every night just before i go to sleep! anyone know why they won’t work and what i can do to make them work?

  6. SapPhiReSparKleS14 Reply August 18, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Can you do a hypnosis for chronic pain relief including muscle relaxation please?

  7. I actually fell asleep for a nap, which was my goal.

  8. Great

  9. Amethyst Rose Weed Reply August 18, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks. I felt very relaxed while in hypnosis. Almost at the end, it really did feel like I was drifting deeper and deeper into relaxation. This felt really good. Thanks again. :)