Hypnotherapy Relaxation & Stress Relief Video

A short soothing relaxing video by Diana Parkinson. www.dianaparkinson.co.uk This short video reduces stress and helps you feel calm, peaceful and so, so relaxed. Lightly hypnotic. by experienced hypnotherapist based in UK

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24 Responses to “Hypnotherapy Relaxation & Stress Relief Video”

  1. Im at peace now thank you

  2. i at first had a stressful week thank you i now found my inner peace and soul thank you it worked so well

  3. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing! I’m definitely keeping this link handy for when I have9 “one of those days.”

  4. this is the bes lovliest video i have  fond this as really helped me recover from hektic stress i thank you derly for posting this video

  5. lydiaappelmans1953 Reply January 16, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Same as Belgium :-)

  6. I had an extreme pressure on my fore head as soon as I closed my eyes. Why?

  7. Swansea, South Wales.

  8. scyllaandcharybdis Reply January 16, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Diana, this helped a lot! I work busy shifts at work and unfortunately i get a lot of migraines and i feel so much calmer after having watched your relaxation video. Ur defintely right about one thing, being relaxed does allow me to think better and make better decisions as you’ve mentioned in this video! i’ve just subscribed to ur channel, thank you so much, u really helped me!

  9. @melroxxyo

  10. I’m here because I have speech this week.

  11. Awesome

  12. This actually worked a bit: thank you

  13. Hope life is getting better for you!

  14. You’re welcome!

  15. where were the images of this video shot. It is awsome.

  16. I almost forgot to breathe though! Caught myself so relaxed and zoned out that I was completely still, and not breathing lol :)

  17. Fantastic, Diana! Thank you for this

  18. finals week brought me here.

  19. i went through some trauma..n feeling so weird sad…..couldnt sleep at night

  20. very helpful thank you.

  21. i need time to relax, my head it is.., o boy it always get dizzy, make me sick, i always remember about my girlfriend, she ignore me all the time, that way i feel it come turn and turn again around my head. Help me, damn my head going collaps if i was remember her, it hurts.

  22. i would love to be your private subject for a very deep hypnotic trance sometime .. ;-)

  23. This Really Helped Me, Thanks !

  24. I hope things get better for you soon. best wishes, Diana.