Instant Deep Relaxation – Theta Brainwaves – Instant relaxation can be obtained by listening to the sounds in this video. These sounds allow you to relieve stress, meditate deeply , and ease anxieties using the power of theta brainwaves.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Instant Deep Relaxation – Theta Brainwaves”

  1. fuck “thumbs up if” comments.

  2. thumbs up if u r a retard

    thumbs up if u r a retard on youtube

  3. yeah, i always steer clear of sounds such as rain falling or a river flowing when trying to fall asleep. those sort of sounds merely have an effect on my bladder.

  4. I figured out you’re not going to get anything out of videos like this if you’re inclined to start reading the comments people leave. Once you start doing that, and you start laughing hysterically, you’re FINISHED.

  5. i so am NOT relaxed wow what a stupid idia

  6. I imagined like I was out in the desert about to die and getting waves of pre death euphoria with a helicopter just flying overhead watching me die.

  7. @TheAuntumnFoxx wtf, I was on my left elbow while I was reading your comment. I never lean on my left elbow >.>

  8. only reason not to many ppl liked this is cause they feel asleep

  9. thumbs up if u read the comments first to see if this was a screamer.

    thumbs up if u were watching this whist leaning on ur left elbow

  10. @fyourcouchnigga … Unppropriate…but it made me laugh XP lol

  11. It’s so amazing. I listen to this before i astral travel and it’s so wonderful.
    You can download the astral travel guide from my channel.

  12. Hello Mindfrolic, This worked well for me…. it relly got me to relax …Thanks , I appreciate your work on this!

  13. haaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahah i got my dick back again

  14. SuperUniverseQueen Reply November 5, 2012 at 12:30 am

    while I was listening I forgot I was alive I thought I was a ghost for a moment….

  15. Feel a little dissy…

  16. My dick just started pissing uncontrollably. 

  17. i hear the rain

  18. this really works thanks for sharing it =]

  19. this make me feel strange..yeah theres something in this sound…

  20. my eyes shut as soon as this started and it was really hard to open them while it was playing… have to use headphones for it to work.

  21. very soothing

  22. thanks for uploading this sounds good =)

  23. Really does this work?