25 Responses to “Life of an IB Student”


  2. omfg sooo true!;

  3. WTF..? Is that what “IB” means? “International Baccalaureate”?

  4. “symptoms of nervous breakdown” lolol <3

  5. what about the one that says “how to fake CAS hours”?

  6. that was my exact reasoning behind putting down cooking (Y)

  7. well you are creating something. If music, art, and dance count, then I see no reason why cooking shouldn’t be considered a type of creative activity seeing as numerous people view food and cooking as an art form in and of itself.

  8. I put down Cooking as a CAS activity ….

  9. I love how on every ib video there’s something about CAS hours xD

  10. video should’ve ended with: “when are IB test results released?”…”best under 21 club to host celebration”

  11. so true!!

  12. IB is indeed the more challenging program. Students at university who did IB perform on average better than those students of any other system, so delight in knowing that regardless of the credits you will or won’t be recieving, you’re better prepared for the future.

  13. im in it now and quite frankly the AP kids are lucky. the credits of IB and AP are supposedly weighted about the same. so they get benefits without all the work :( But IB is supposedly seen as a greater accomplishment to colleges(according to the guidance counselor) even if you atleast did it the first year and do AP your senior year

  14. the only thing i see wrong here is where it says “life” in the title. One doesn’t simply have a life during IB.

  15. so what do you think were the limitations of those sources?

  16. A real IB student would’ve known the answers to all of the searched questions.


  18. *cough*
    this happened to me a month ago. Well, minus the adderall part.

  19. Some of my classmates lost their minds during time as an IB student: watch?v=GzQbTI-zYnY&feature=related

  20. lets all pray to god that this wasn’t an HL

  21. “1.Good grades

    2.Enough sleep

    3.Social life

    -You can only pick two

    Welcome to IB”

  22. we are in the same boat my friend v.v

  23. I spend more time bullshitting my way through tests and projects than actually learning material in IB.

  24. I lost so much sleep this past week too it’s unbelievable… I wish the same to you! Only a matter of months before we’ll all be done with the IB (my only consolation. haha)

  25. You know it. I feel like haven’t slept in three days; probably because I haven’t…
    Best of luck.