Office Yoga

Office Yoga Try yoga for the office. Follow along each day in the office to relieve stress and low back tension. Register for the 30 day yoga challenge, perfect for beginners and shop online at Dashama’s Boutique at Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most preferred forms of Yoga. If you’re looking for a good Yoga workout for your mind, body and spirit, I suggest you give Vinyasa Yoga a try. http
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28 Responses to “Office Yoga”

  1. I work in an office with my trusty laptop for at times, 12 hours a day, thanks for this tip, also, a pretty lady who smiles like this makes me feel a bit flighty :)

  2. Your hair reminds me of a domi

  3. gd dashama,,, its gd but u should also add something for solder , neck nd hands…….

  4. 17 vids in my inbox of your old stuff……unsubscribe!

  5. can you do a vidoe how to sit on the carpet during skool?

  6. anyone know where i can get one of those knee chairs?

  7. sorry i am not being rude but
    do the knees face forward not out like
    the legs are straight ahead like yours ?

  8. I want to fuck you Dasama!!

  9. Just realized I sit like that constantly. I almost never slouch in a chair.

  10. biitaamil estrelitas biita

  11. haha where are you filming this?

  12. I wish she worked in my office……

  13. I hope you got my yoga to sleep better at night video.. did it help?

  14. hey, i was wondering if you can help us who have a hard time falling asleep or waking up and not being able to fall back asleep also waking up in morning feeling even more tired. I find that on the days i have my boxing, its easier to fall asleep but i love in the projects soo its not the most comfertable room or bed. So how can we relax ourselves to the point where we can easily fall asleep. Thanks alot think its great you doin whatchu doin u have great passion and you are very fine! Haha

  15. great thanks!

  16. i agree. self filming is hard..

  17. yes! thank you:)

  18. yes, its called bandhas… advanced techniques. i teach in my workhsops and teacher trainings… but ur on to it my friend:)

  19. wonderful! ur welcome :) 

  20. thanks for this video it’s very helpful!

  21. Thanks!

  22. thanks for the feedback. i film myself in these videos so sometimes its a challenge to get the right angles.. i appreciate your input though. blessings and light

  23. At work I actually stretch my hamstrings in the bathroom where I’m alone LOL

  24. yeah, that’s something similar to kegel :)
    it’s called “mula bandha”. just google for it or search here on youtube.

  25. Ok, you said something about muscles below your navel that I’d never heard of. Were you saying something akin to kegel exercises while sitting in your chair?

    PS Great video.

  26. Thank you so much for this great music and video :)
    Wish you all the best. God bless you :D

    Fidei, Spei, Amorem..

  27. This is wonderful Dr.Henshaw, bless you for taking the time and caring enough to help others..God(within) IS a giver and you are a living example of that truth…thank you so much xox

  28. Valuable stuff here, when the mind thinks a certain way it is a force to be reckoned with.

    Thankyou for putting priceless thoughts in other’s minds.