Music to Set the Mind at Rest.

Feeling Short Of Breath, Overwhelmed, Frightened for No Clear Reason?

What are you going to do, press the panic button, reach for the bottle or the pills? What about reaching for the ipod and pressing the button for your own selected soothing music, and breathing and listening your way through the moment. Music can indeed be a successful antidote to feelings of panic and claustrophobia, and there are no side effects! Just watch and listen to this video put together by someone who has been where you are.

Panic Attacks ~ Stress Relief Anxiety Relief Music... Mind Tricks ?

Hey guys, I put this video together to hopefully help anyone who feels anxiety or fear. I have experienced this myself for two years, but thankfully I have now overcome it. It wasn’t easy, but the first thing I did was STOP taking medication. This was just tricking me into thinking that everything was ok, when it clearly wasn’t. I fortunately found solace in my music, but believe me, it was a hard road getting there. The video that youre about to watch reflects my thoughts and feelings of the condition as a whole. I am not a doctor, just a regular guy like you. I hope that it helps. Harry :) I hope that you like this original piano music… Relaxing Piano music for bedtime & to just unwind at the end of a hard day. The music is aimed at children and babies for sleep, but more increasingly adults seem to like it too! This is an original composition by me. If you like bedtime music or relaxation music, swing by my channel, there maybe something there that you like? Harry :-) iTunes~ Amazon MP3~ I hope this helps anyone who is under stress or feels anxiety… Music by HarrysCupboard


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32 Responses to “Music to Set the Mind at Rest.”

  1. Hey Luke, you ARE closer to being back to normal. You just writing those words are proof in itself!
    If its any comfort, my heart rate hit 200 + bpm when I was at my worse, so there’s something to compare to ;-)
    All the very best,

  2. Today with my panic attacks and anxiety i panicked so much my heart rate was 124 bpm and im only 14:( its so hard but you have just got to think that its one step closer to being normal again.

  3. I was at the hospital

  4. Nope, not heard of any of these.
    Sorry, but I disagree with medicines as a “cure”.
    The way I see it, is that anxiety is produced by our minds, not a physical ailment.
    I am only speaking from personal experience… that said, if ANYTHING helps you snap out of it, then it’s a good thing, right? (unless you get dependent on them), then you’re back in the same hole.
    Just my thoughts,
    Harry :-)

  5. Hello! thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about panic and anxiety natural treatment known as Zomopanic Eraser (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you thought about Zomopanic Eraser? I’ve heard some amazing things about it and my mate finally stop his panic attacks using it, but he refuses to tell me :(

  6. Hi… Yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Don’t worry though my friend, every day you suffer, you’re one closer to being back to normal again :-) ))))))
    All the very best,

  7. man ive been go to hypnotherapy and my therapist said that i got panic/anxiety disorder,it suffer me u know? this music helps me n many people who feels like me…

  8. No problem, i really hope this helped you out :-)

  9. This helped me a lot! I’ve been feeling the exact same way but now I have a different outlook on things. Thanks so much!

  10. No worries :)

  11. thank you this really helped put down the panic attack

  12. No worries Luis, this video is here for you whenever you need it :)
    You may not believe this, but even I still come and have a look now and then, just as reassure me that Ive moved on from that awful period of my life.
    We’re all human Luis, and sometimes we all need a little light to let us know that we’re not going mad or that we’re isolated about the way we feel…
    All the very best,
    Harry :-)

  13. @luis _2013

  14. never take this video down harry sometimes it takes someone else to tell you these things to really listen .thanks a million harry everytime i feel im about to panic i listen to this vedio it really helps me a lot!

  15. No worries! Hope you get better real soon :-)

  16. thanx i needid this i suffr from panic n anxity thanx !!!

  17. Well then, u got what you wished for because this video and the music did help me:-)

  18. My pleasure :)

  19. You don’t have to give me anything at all!
    The only thing that I wish for is that this video & music helps people out :-)
    All the best,

  20. You give me so much hope, and happiness, and I just wanted you to know that. :D

  21. I wanted to thank u again. Every time I’m anxious this video calms me down. You’re always there for me. I wish I could give you something in return. A person like you deserves it.

  22. No probs! it’s here any time that you might need it :)

  23. Thank you for the video man. It really helped me calm down & to just let go of my anxiety. =)

  24. No probs! it always makes me feel like the video was worth the time when I hear great comments such as yours!
    I hope that you recover real soon ;-)
    Harry :)

  25. Hi, I used my own personal experiences to make this video & music. It just seems that a lot of us experience(d) similar things. I made it to help other people, as I couldn’t find anything when i needed it… hopefully it can help people see that they are not going mad, in fact it is quite a common illness :)

  26. I really feel better after it! Thanks! :)

  27. this actually does work a lil

  28. very detailed – thanks.

  29. dont stiff necks just make you cry of pain? ive had thisfor 2 days!

  30. This actually works, WOW

  31. I think it’s all I’m my
    Mind but my stiff neck is gone these mothers are playing games with my head No pain wow

  32. wow this actually helped lower the pain for my stiff neck awesome!!