Peace Chant

Chant for Inner Peace. Chant to relaxing music. Chanting for personal peace–inner peace. Peace of mind. Spiritual peace. Relieve stress with this simple chant-like prayer for peace any time of the day. Chant: Thank you, Great One, for peace. Great Spirit. Quiet my thoughts and bring peace to my mind. Bring peace to my heart. PEACE. Quiet my thoughts. PEACE. Bring calm to my mind. PEACE. Let joy fill my heart. PEACE. Thank you, Great Spirit, for PEACE.
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25 Responses to “Peace Chant”

  1. Luv this!!!

  2. Thank you so much for watching and commenting.
    Much love.

  3. Cogermax91, thank you for watching and enjoying. Peace, Love and Light.

  4. RabAdamson, I’d like to share an affirmation with you:
    I use my inner gratitude to seek miracles.
    I graciously accept divine gifts and utilize
    them with enthusiasm and joy.

  5. this is superb !!thank you !! bravo

  6. very peaceful and powerful..
    thank you dear friend for this beautiful creation and thanks to angel Rab for sharing this love and light.
    All of the stars for you.
    with love & peace
    farnoosh :)

  7. Beautiful love your heart is one with mines
    Thank you for your most gracious presence within my heart
    Rab x

  8. Eartha10000, Hotep!
    Thanks. I am glad it was helpful.

  9. Ooooooooooooooo, YES!
    Namaste. Hotep.

  10. So peaceful!

  11. Thank you for watching.
    Please search YouTube vids on “downloading and converting YouTube vids”.
    Quiet Spirit – Peace.

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Where can we download it as an MP3?

  13. I have found this chant to be an excellent way to sleep peacefully. I have it on long-play (back-to-back) and sleep very well as it plays gently in the background.

  14. Thank YOU. I do not know the name of the background music.

  15. This is so relaxing.

  16. What is the name of the background music. This has been my favorite video. Thank you

  17. Namaste

  18. a beautiful video my dearest,
    in light , power, peace and love

  19. Thanks & u2.

  20. nice meditation commentary… all the best…

  21. I would love to download it to my ipod, Is there a mp3 that I can download…
    lovely video…filled my heart. Thank you

  22. You’re a sweetie.

  23. A classic already! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I needed that.

  24. Oh sooooo relaxing!!!!!!!!!! Peace. ~Xan

  25. Peace, Calmness and Joy to you throughout this New Year!