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Pure Organic Green Tea at www.squidoo.com youtu.be Among all the five tea types, green tea wiki is the most popular among traditional tea drinkers and modern day dieters. This is because the tea offers so many health benefits at a very affordable price. Preparing and drinking green tea is also very easy, taking no more than a few minutes. People can drink 1 to 5 cups each day to relax and relieve stress as well as improve total health and disposition. It’s important to know more about the product and the possible effects and drawbacks to determine the right dosage for your needs. Brief Description Green tea, just like the other five types (oolong, black, white and herbal tea) comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, bush or tree. In some preparations and packages, other parts of the plant are also used such as the young buds, petals, flowers, stems, roots, stalks and twigs. Green tea started in China 4000 years ago and has spread to several other places in Asia. The Camellia sinensis plant has also been introduced to other parts of the globe although tea enthusiasts still claim that the best quality comes from grown plants in China and Japan. The quality of the tea will depend on a variety of processes, beginning from the cultivation and growing of the tea plants. The plants have to be harvested at the right season and only the topmost parts should be used for the best taste. The Popular Benefits Green tea wiki is consumed by millions of individuals every day

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