Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Tension with Free Your Mind Workshops

Download Free e-Guide “Top 10 Tips For A Stress Free Day” at READ TESTIMONIALS HERE FREE YOUR MIND “experiential” workshops educate and empower you with highly effective and sound techniques that unite the science and physiology of self-healing with principles of yoga, dance, guided meditation, music and play created by Michelle Alva, PT, EHP, RYT. This two-hour workshop teaches you practical solutions for modern living. If you feel overwhelmed, constant fear, anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and stuck, this workshop is for you! Learn techniques that combine science of letting go with spirituality for a highly effective way to de-stress your mind, open your heart and let go of the shackles that weigh you down. Benefits of Free Your Mind Workshops: 1. Feel Rejuvenated, Full of Vitality and to your Whole Authentic Self. 2. “Feel” Present, grounded and balanced from the inside out. 3. Open and heal your heart, let go of past emotional blockages. 4. Gain clarity and strengthen your intuition. 5. Feel lighter, relaxed and energized-all at the same time. 6. Feel joyful and learn to let go of anxiety, fear, tension and stress. 7. Experience and strengthen your ability to allow allowing, feel safe and trust so you can move on and clear obstacles in your life. Contact Michelle Alva to bring this workshop to your facility at Listen To Guided Meditations To Release Stress, Heal and Energize with Michelle At www

Adho mukha Svanasana — Also called a downward facing dog. This aasana helps calm the brain, relieve stress and mild depression. It stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands. Regular practice of this aasana helps in strengthening your legs Learn this ancient practice of yoga for a healthier mind and body.
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