Relationships – Positive Affirmations and Relaxation Music for Healthy Relationships

Please visit my website ( and receive a 20% discount on all recordings and services on the website. When checking out put the word “youtube” in the coupon code box to receive your 20% discount. http With the relaxation music of Simple Truth and specially chosen positive affirmations, this recording by Dr Harry Henshaw will help you to create the possibility of having healthy relationships in your life and also enhance your self esteem. Who we source into our life is greatly influenced by the beliefs and thoughts that we have, by the affirmations that we repeatedly express. To assist you in your efforts to bring healthy relationships into your life, the Relationships positive affirmation recording combines specially chosen positive affirmations with the therapeutic relaxation music of Dr. Harry Henshaw. This recording of positive affirmations and relaxation music also utilizes theta binaural beats or binaural audio tones to further enhance the power of the positive affirmations. The Relationship recording is a 30 minute high quality MP3 download of positive affirmations and holistic, relaxation music to help support you having positive, healthy relationships and improving your self esteem. Simple Truth is healing music that takes the listener on a wondrous journey of calming the tension and stress of the body and mind. Simple Truth is relaxation music that was created to help promote a state of deep relaxation, to relieve
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One Response to “Relationships – Positive Affirmations and Relaxation Music for Healthy Relationships”

  1. I love these. I listen to them at night before bed and whenever I feel stressed. Thank you´╗┐ so much. :)