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Qi Gong & Music to Relieve Your Stress

Learn Qi Gong from a master and accompany your learning with original music composed by Iqbal
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. @ShowMeTheJake hey jake watcher..go…to maui, we loved it the first time so much we went back 2 more times all within a 2 year period…in south maui kiehe…not sure how its spelled, we stayed at kamole sands, and three public beaches across the street and down the beach…stip malls down the street, dennys restaraunt, everything one could ask for, plus lots of sand…sun….and corona, go, you will love it as much as us im sure

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  4. These are such lovely video’s, its nice to get one without music. Have you got any that are gentle lapping waves without music?? :)

  5. These are such lovely video’s, its nice to get one without music. have you got any that are gentle lapping waves without music??  :)

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  7. amazing videos, but captions of the name of each beach would be nice so we know what we are looking at.

  8. What’s your favorite beach that you want us to shoot next?

  9. amazing

  10. if you speak of ears and kidneys in combination with over 60 meridian-points – will listening to relaxing music do “also” good things to your kidney?

  11. Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m currently healing from a broken leg and the breathing exercises really help me keep the positive energy flowing.

  12. Hi, my take on breathing through the nose and out through the mouth is; do it only when you are doing the Qi Gong exercises not all the time. If you are not doing Qi Gong as yet then just do this breathing when you feel out of balance or stressed.
    Life is good

  13. Thnak you :)

  14. I find it VERY difficult to keep breathing in through my nose and out my mouth. I can either do one or the other at any given time. With constant conscious practice, will I be able to make it a habit? How long would you say I should practice breathing in this way every day before I can do it naturally?

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  16. Perfect - thank You ; )

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  20. Thank you, sir.

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  22. Thank you for the exercise!

  23. Yes that is true so I have worked on the music.Have a listen to my site.  Thanks,

  24. nyairorokidul2000 Reply April 5, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Thanks very much. The first exercises actually worked wonders. The music – not so much.

  25. Great, I am very glad it works for you. It’s from a 4000 year old system of Qi Gong.

  26. wow this actually worked 

  27. Thank you too.

  28. Thanks very much~ Helped me alot~~

    LOVE N LIGHT!!!!!!

  30. fuck you

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  32. light and energy to you, and yours, very relaxing ,energising, thank you…

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  34. wonderful video, very informative and relaxing. Namaste’