Relaxing nature sounds | piano and flute instrumental music (Farewell)

Relaxing nature sounds | piano and flute instrumental music (Farewell)

Nature sounds of music (ocean waves) mixed with my piano and flute song “Farewell”, from the instrumental music album “The unfinished story part 2 – crystal nocturne” released in 2011. If you would like to listen to the song without the ocean wave sounds, please go to the “related video” shown at the end. This is a famous beach in my city. Hope the relaxing sounds and the romantic music will help you to relax and relieve stress. Enjoy! CD, MP3 and sheet music available at (C) 2011 Isisip

Misstp90 ( Makeuponabudget ( Use the gym: it helps relieve stress and keeps away the freshman 15 Ask your parents to drive you around before they leave: I know you will be ready to get rid of them but let them buy you some groceries and take out to eat! Student clubs: find out if there are activities/clubs that interest you. Most likely, at the beginning of the year they will have events that will help you meet other students. There may even be opportunities for you to take on leadership positions. Study abroad: find out about requirements/opportunities for study abroad. Most schools wont let you travel your first year, but you can use that year to network with traveling professors and get an idea of where you want to go. Make nice with the financial aid and registrars office-you will need them your entire four years. Find out if your school has any scholarships that you are eligible for (if not that year, the following years) Be open to changing your major. You will exposed to a lot of ideas. Allow yourself to grow. Freshman=fresh meat. Watch out for upperclassman trying to date you if you are a freshman. Yes, you are attractive, smart and worth any respectable person’s time but there just might be a hidden agenda behind an upperclassman trying to get a newbie (you don’t know their campus history/reputation or if they are dating someone on another campus, they know that you will be excited to have the attention of an upperclassman)
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50 Responses to “Relaxing nature sounds | piano and flute instrumental music (Farewell)”

  1. BharathRam Ramakrishnan Reply October 26, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    love the music. very beautiful

  2. Your music is so beautiful

  3.  i just wanna sleep with this music its soo beautiful and relaxing.

  4. Holliday feeling

    Dream time

  5. Its really beautiful… :’)

  6. lovely…

  7. Your from HK! :D This is so COOL! I hiked there!

  8. Keep on making music

  9. i luv it!!

  10. It is called “Pui O beach”, in Lantau Island :)

  11. Where r from? & what’s the name of this beach? i want to visite

  12. NICE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is the best instrumental song!! LOVE IT!!

  14. i LOVE this

  15. i bet its an outcome of harsh training
    and total concentration
    and i wrote my comment after listenin to it 3rd time

  16. :’) so peaceful

  17. beautiful, very beautiful

  18. it can be Relax littel bit

  19. so soothing… (mm) amazing

  20. At first, i heard of this song, i was feeling sad and having many negative thoughts instead of relaxing. well, thanks for sharing though. It is really a nice piece of Melody!

  21. beautiful!

  22. Well played and relaxing! The kind of music that people can lose stress. I also heard your music The Unfinished Story! You’ve outdone yourself again!

  23. So beautiful…

  24. super

  25. This is beautiful. what genre of music would u put this under?

  26. you look like gabrielle union SO much!

  27. and btw yeah you have a very beautiful eyes :)

  28. awesome! this is soo helpful for all freshmen :) keep it up girl! pls do subscribe as well on our page, collegegirlsknowhow :) im sure you’ll gonna learn alot as well and you’ll gonna like it! :) thanks!

  29. Do you have tips for college sophmore?

  30. your eyes are amazing

  31. love your eyes and your brain. great info

  32. i will be honest….i clicked on this vid cuz your eyes caught my attention..

  33. so you take a lot of psycology?

  34. Those eyes lol

  35. lol thanks

  36. undergrad: sociology; masters: social work

  37. By the way what are you majoring in?

  38. I enjoyed the position that I chose. I worked in my school’s Learning Center so I was able to get extra help when I needed it, do my homework and get any reading done that I needed to while I was on the clock. It was very laid back and they allowed me to work around my class schedule.

  39. did you like work study because im thinkin about doing it for the extra money !

  40. It will be interesting if you think the same after you finish your first year. If being a hot girl makes a difference to the professors, that’s a problem. If you are talking about socially, I’m sure it has its benefits but there’s so much more to college. I remember feeling pressure to dress a certain way but after I found my crew, that became less important.

  41. as a college freshman, after only a week It’s pretty clear the best tip for college, to make life easier, is to be a hot girl.

    what a surprise

  42. so pretty :) 

  43. Daaaaaaammmmn you looking good ma!

  44. @whosmolliesue Thanks…If you look on my channel page, you will see the make up videos.

  45. i’m loking for female frnd add me in fb tnx lolx

  46. your so hot

  47. EVERYTHING depends on the instructor. Check their ratings before committing to their course.

  48. wow, ur gorgeous…

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