Relieve Sinus Pressure with Acupressure

For a picture ‘cheat sheet’ visit: Lindsay Rose from Lindsay Rose Holistic demonstrates the exact pressure points that relieve sinus pressure and tension, that often result in sinus headaches. A step by step guide, quickly demonstrated. Lindsay Rose assists clients in her holistic health practice to relieve sinus related tension through Acupressure, Shiatsu Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Reiki & Energetic Healing.

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25 Responses to “Relieve Sinus Pressure with Acupressure”

  1. This actually worked! I was skeptical but thanks for the info.

  2. I understand how you are feeling, but unfortunately I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose your symptoms.

  3. Bhupendra vashistha Reply January 4, 2013 at 4:46 am

    i m bhupendra frm india i have problem that some kind of cough coming out of my internal nose. and this thick liquid like a cough. sometime it drop in my mouth. that cough had a bad smell. then i threw out of my mouth. when problem increase, area of my eyes and full body having lithargic like a fever, but no headache. is this sinosite??? i hope you reply plzz

  4. Yea! Happy that you found this technique relieving!
    Every’body’ is different and sometime you do have to try a few different things to find what works for you. Glad I could help you feel better. Be well.

  5. I have the worst issues with sinus pressure. My doctor prescribed Flonase but it’s not enough. So then I take Advil to relieve the inflammation which helps a little but only if I keep taking it all day long which I know can lead to other problems. Although I’ve tried other homeopathic approaches before (even acupuncture) your method is the first I’ve tried that really helps. Thank you!!!

  6. Wash your hands with soap for 2 minutes beforehand, as well as your face. You won’t be spreading any bacteria when applying pressure that way.

  7. ahh can’t do this or else I’ll get acne :(

  8. Happy to hear you have relief now! Glad I could help.

  9. Your welcome!

  10. This really works…. omg your awesome! I can breathe! Im so subscribing.

  11. Thank you very much for the tips. It really works and the result is quick too… :)

  12. Hope you continue to feel better

  13. elementaldragon244 Reply January 4, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Thank you for the video, I feel a little better now.

  14. That is so great to hear! Being able to breathe is a good thing in life. lol
    Hope your sinuses continue to be unblocked :)

  15. you are welcome!
    Hope you are still feeling good.

  16. Wow this somehow, actually really worked! Before I couldn’t even breathe and now it’s almost all better :) thanks!

  17. THANK YOU!!!!

  18. The points can be tender for sure & there may even be a difference between each side or point. If it’s uncomfortable, try holding with only light pressure — It is just as effective, perhaps even more so than with medium pressure. You might also want to just lightly massage the areas too.

  19. is it suppose to hurt

  20. “A Happy Wife is a Happy Wife” — lol
    Glad I could help her out… that is sweet you are taking care of her by finding this video.

  21. So glad you are feeling better Anna!

  22. Thanks for your support! Much much appreciated

  23. helped my girlfriend out a lot

  24. This was very helpful! Feel much better, thank you Lindsay.

  25. Adonis Jerome Ay-ad Reply January 4, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    I enjoyed watching your video! It was very nice.I am so impressed  and happy upon watching this great short presentation , it’s a very great method for health and fitness.