Stress Fracture Self Diagnosis for Runners by San Francisco Running Podiatrist.m4v

Many runners are aware that an aching throbbing foot could be a stress fracture that will get worse if you keep running. But there are simple ways you can tell if it is likely you have a stress fracture in your foot. In this video San Francisco Podiatrist, Marathon Runner and Ironman Triathlete Dr. Christopher Segler explains how to tell if you might have a metatarsal stress fracture.

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23 Responses to “Stress Fracture Self Diagnosis for Runners by San Francisco Running Podiatrist.m4v”

  1. i have this..argg, it friggen hurts!

  2. Austin Arce-Hallows Reply January 3, 2013 at 4:21 am

    i had one in my left foot and i didn’t know what it was so i kept running on it. and now i have one in my right foot. what will happen if i dont rest it?

  3. Thank you

  4. I have the same exactly problem… if i push anywhere or whatever on the foot doesn’t hurt.. when i try to walk on it it hurts.. probably minor stress fracture?

  5. no pain when i press anywhere but when i give pressure, the pain comes, especially if i walk sideways it hurts alot, it is alreayd my 8th week of rest. someone please help me, i don’t have insurance

  6. SupermansSidek1ck Reply January 3, 2013 at 6:16 am

    omgg i was playing soccer and had to run for 30 mins, now the 5th area/jones fraction area kills! im so scared i hope it gets fast soon, i dont wan to miss my season )’:

  7. fucckkkkkk i think i has one :( booo

  8. I got a stress fracture on the 3th metatarsal to begin with. the bone broke completly later and they tell me to rest for 8-12 weeks but that the running part for me is over.. someone who’s had same problem?

  9. fakkk

  10. TheFarmersFarmington Reply January 3, 2013 at 8:46 am

    how do you check for a 1st metatarsal stress fracture?

  11. you gotta take it real slow with vibrams and i would go to the doctor just to make sure they are good for you. you could find out you have flat feet and vibrams would not be good to wear.

  12. Ye i have the same problem. Metatarsal pain after running with vibrams, i probably did too much without listening to the pain :/
    now it’s sorta healed after 4 weeks but still painful, and comes back when i walk too much. Very annoying, i just want to run! How is your problem, did it heal?

  13. … I went through this test and when i pressed on the separate bones one by one I didn’t feel any pain on either one of them yet I still have pain in my foot. Please someone help me I want to know if this is a stress fracture or not so that I can resume running.

  14. I’ve had pain on the top of my foot for almost a week now. I’ve been running in merrell barefoots but I’ve been wearing these shoes for almost three months now. At first i thought that i should just rest and that it would go away but it hasn’t. When i walk around it feels fine but when I stand on my tippy toes i can feel the pain. The pain is right on top where the middle three metatarsal bones are. Evan from the beginning I didn’t have any swelling or bruising, just constant pain….

  15. ya this would have been helpfull last summer…at the end of my XC season this year i got my leg checked out and found out my tibia had a stress fracture that broke completely through

  16. thebrickandstoneguy Reply January 3, 2013 at 11:12 am

    I found this video to be extremely helpful

  17. Crap my foot hurts and the bone pushes out like that! Frick I may have a jones fracture!

  18. i have an injury at the bottom of my big toe. it hurts really bad. and i feel the pain on the top and bottom, and have had this injury for sadly 3 years, i know i should have gotten it checked out. but i hate doctors, but it has been too long and painful, it is pretty swollen at the top, side, and bottom of my foot, any help please?

  19. I’m 15 I don’t know if I have a stress Fracture, I was playing soccer and after I finished I noticed my foot was hurting, but I kept doing sprinting and playing soccer and I never feel any pain in my foot, but when I put my foot on it’s side, an unusual position which I never put my foot in I felt a pain and that pain has never gone away, I still play soccer and do sprinting but I never feel pain but when I put my foot in that unusual side position the pain is still there,but on the 5th area

  20. I broke my 3rd metatarsal bone running at a cross country meet Sept 14. It’s a stress fracture, so now I’m out of the season :/ I hope I come back stronger in track. It’s my last year now that I’m a senior.

  21. Very helpful. I’ve been off my foot for almost a week and a half now after running too long on pavement with Vibram Five Fingers. Originally i thought it was a tendon injury but even after icing, ibuprofen, and therapy it was still swollen and painful. I’ve had to miss a large portion of conditioning and will miss the first race because of it. Thank you for clarifying that it is infact a stress fracture.

  22. I had a stress fracture in may and I have had an air boot all summer (11 1/2 weeks) my foot still hurt but not were the fracture was. When should I try and run again ?

  23. my left foot has been swollen and bruised for over a week..I only feel slight pain when I’m walking in sandals, but alot when I’m wearing running shoes, when I touched around the area it hurts alot.. the bruising seems to be spreading as well, however I do not have any memory of injuring it.. but I have been doing some track and field training it the past couple weeks.. could this be a stress fracture? or what could it be?