Stress Relieving Office Yoga – Inside Yoga Today Ep. 7

Stimulate your circulation and give your brain a mid-day boost with Neesha Zollinger in this quick and relaxing office stress relieving sequence.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A quick and effective sequence to get your body de-stressed before bed and help relieve Restless Legs Syndrome! With Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and creator of the bestselling Core Strength DVD series! For more free yoga, join Sadie’s fan page at
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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30 Responses to “Stress Relieving Office Yoga – Inside Yoga Today Ep. 7”

  1. on the contrary, I HAVE sat in a cubicle before!

  2. Great routine… in a bubble world. I laughed when she said cubicle. Obvious she hasn’t ever sat in one.

  3. nice

  4. Nice routine, I just did it in my office and I feel much more ‘lengthened’. Also, Neesha is very pretty, though that has no bearing on the yoga, lol.

  5. so weird seeing you do yoga in a stuffy office an not the great outdoors! ;)

  6. Oo wow i was totally stressed out today and all my leg muscles were hurting and i tried this and i swear had the best sleep ive had in a LONG time! Thank you!!!!

  7. Interesting. I developed an ‘accidental’ routine when restless legs starts up. I lay on back. Straighten legs. Go *TIGHT* holding quads, release. Do few times.then do same with calf muscles. I go really intense in holding. Pulling up toes…*BURNING*. Do few times. It helped alot. Your video is waay better. Will try it.

  8. You are just amazing! :) This helped me a lot to get up with such an amazing feeling :) Thanks for that, Sadie!

  9. thank you so much I thought I was never getting to sleep

  10. thank you.:)

  11. you describe a nice approach. taking a bath before bed is good too!

  12. I have been suffering for a severe anxiety disorder for years. I can not understand why no medical practitioner has ever given me this fantastic advise. Thank you, I am teary eyed and feel so much better.

  13. Very very helpful. Thank you so much ;-)

  14. Will u ever put socks on ur feet are disturbing

  15. This really helps my restless legs… doesn’t eliminate it, but helps me sleep. I also do a down dog if it’s really bad and that helps sometimes. Also, my arms sometimes (fortunately they haven’t for a while… knock on wood) get restless too, so I love that this sequence doesn’t only focus on legs. That sounds weird, but it’s a little known fact that about 25% of people with RLS get restless arms too, so I love that I get some arm action too. Thanks!

  16. Ugh I didn’t feel anything. :/

  17. Thank you for this Sadie! I just had my restless legs 5 minutes ago, and after I did this, I started to notice it was gone! You’re absolutely amazing with these stuff, hope you never stop making these videos :) <3

  18. omg i woke up almost cryin in pain from my restless legs jut now, i could only just keep my legs still enough to do these stretches and they have helped me .Oh thank you for doing this :)

  19. this video sequence made me cry. i can’t stand suffering with restless legs! thank you so much sadie! you have a friend for life! thank you so much!!!

  20. this video has really changed my life. I made all the lifestyle changes that my doctors told me to do to combat RLS but there are still just some days that i lay in bed tossing and turning losing precious sleep. I found this video a few months ago and i do this every night i have that problem and my legs lay perfectly still afterwards. Like a miracle! Love it!

  21. Thank you so much!
    Quick question though, whenever I do the wave thing with the back, I get tension in the middle of my back that i cant seem to shake. any suggestions?

  22. It really was great, thanks, I helped me feeling better after a depressive cycle, why do you say Namaste? It has something to do with India, isn’t it.

  23. This was AMAZING !
    best yoga video on here…i feel so refreashed :)
    thanks xx

  24. i love this!
    it always works! Thanks! 

  25. OMG Sadie, i was so stressed out from all the work i had for school and your yoga routine has made me very mellow :) Haha,thank you!

  26. You are the least annoying yoga instructor ever. And this is coming from someone whos not much of a yoga person. Thank you

  27. I did this after your amazing Hipster class and it helped me open up and relax so much. I was practically power yawning with all the oxygen coming in.

    Thank you!!

  28. This is the best! I hate that “twitchy” feeling, and doing at least a few of these stretches before sleep make for a better night. Thanks, Sadie!

  29. i’ve always had a problem with not being able to sleep because of moving around alot. I never realised it was restless legs, but thanks alot for this relaxing strethch to do before bed!!!

  30. Thanks for being awesome, Sadie!