Study Music and Stress Relief, Study Music, Music For Study, Relax with Soft, Study Music

♫Now available on iTunes “Sounds of Serenity: Soothing Surf” – Full Album Coming Soon from Serenity Studio! Study, meditate and relax with the soothing, calm sounds of ocean waves and soft piano music. Listening to rhythmic sounds of waves on the beach in Hawaii, Study, and relax to original music! Soothing soft music to study!

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25 Responses to “Study Music and Stress Relief, Study Music, Music For Study, Relax with Soft, Study Music”

  1. This is awesome music to listen to while reading ;)

  2. study of insomnia therapy

  3. Feeling relaxed? Please Like, share, favorite, and and leave a comment if you enjoy our music! We appreciate and thank you for the love and support!

    ~Jon, Serenity Studio

  4. nature sounds are best for stress relief while working

  5. Amazing!!!!!

  6. great!

  7. Thank you for the beautiful music…

  8. love love lovely

  9. That’s a good thing right?  :-)

  10. this made me go to sleep… -_-

  11. Glad to help!…Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    ~Jon, Serenity Studio

  12. This really helped alot(: Thanks

  13. For some reason all of these songs help me focus but at the same time make me think about all the fucked up and horrible things that have happened to me…

  14. I should be doing my language arts project now. =)

  15. thanx for the music helped me on my studying and now i know all my stuff

  16. I listen to this song every time I feel stresses out or am doing homework late at night, it is truly wonderful!!!

  17. I would love to be able to listen to music to study but I’ve had problems with it because all the music I like to listen to has heavy beats and its quite distracting. This is really relaxing.

  18. I gotta pee now,lol.

  19. this helped me do math instead of lookin for vids or commintin

  20. hands down, i love it. however i love the ocean (which i never get to see), so now i end up day/night dreaming about being there x.x

  21. the music is nice but the waves is just anoying me haha,…just sayingg but nice music =)

  22. I normally put my study material on clustur. its a website.

  23. I was trying. To study for my finals and the stupid music reminded me of my ex :’(

  24. michelegiordano23 Reply March 31, 2012 at 9:29 pm


  25. Awesome !!!! Relaxed and stress is gone :)