Theta Meditation with STEREO binaural beats

Put on your headphones! Binaural Audio tracks for… meditation, floating, stress relief, improved memory, enhanced intuition, out-of-the-body experiences, deep relaxing sleep, increased energy, euphoria, laser focus and much more. If you pay attention to your daily activities then you will realize that there are certain situations or periods of time during which you are able to perform tasks more efficiently than others. You can multi-task, concentrate better on a subject and even feel the creative bubble inside of you waiting to come out. At other times, you feel a lack of inspiration that engulfs you completely. Hence, you have to let go of your work momentarily and wait for the stimulation to return so that you can once again feel productive enough. How would your life change if there was a technology that created the same stimulus in your brain that gives birth to the creative inspiration inside you? If you had a way of imitating the same frequency waves inside the brain that is responsible for your capacity to perform, to learn, to relieve stress would it not make life easier for you? This is exactly what brainwave entrainment and binaural beats do to your brain. Brainwave entrainment or synchronization allows you to manipulate brain frequencies to match the brainwave state you want. For example, if you want to induce sound sleep in a person, brainwave entrainment works by changing the brain frequencies to match the dominant brain frequencies
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9 Responses to “Theta Meditation with STEREO binaural beats”

  1. cool thanks we will play with it
    that color of the sounds seems to me being white-gray-purpur

  2. cool thanks we will play with it

  3. its aliens

  4. I listen to this before I fall asleep, and I swear I can feel the sounds flowing around my head, massaging my mind

  5. very nice.

  6. thx man..i love this a surfer..hehehe

  7. Isn’t Theta waves used for astral projection?

  8. What are the benefits of that? Please?

  9. Iphone3gtoon114laff Reply October 13, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    nice you put in a lot of work into this i see