UNC Flash Mob Rave in Davis Library (Fall Semester 2009)

In the middle of exam week, thousands of UNC – Chapel Hill students relieve stress by piling into Davis Library at midnight for a flash mob/flash rave. December 14, 2009 Song: Nessaja (The Ultimate Clubmix) by Scooter

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16 Responses to “UNC Flash Mob Rave in Davis Library (Fall Semester 2009)”

  1. A normal day in the library at ECU.

  2. thumbs up if you liked this UNC Flash Mob Rave in Davis Library (Fall Semester 2009)

  3. facebook ;)  haha, and word of mouth

  4. how do you get one of theses started??

  5. 1:03 LMAO!!!!!

  6. 1:05 – 1:10 HILARIOUS !!!!

  7. Ahaha. Carolina kids are classy and smart… except on exam nights, when they’re fucking ridiculous. Pink shirt +10.

  8. hahaha, 1:10

  9. Nessaja by Scooter. The “ultimate clubmix” version.

  10. ROFLLLLLLLLLL blow up doll

  11. Who invited the bananas? Who invited the fucking bananas?!!!!

  12. jealous i was one year too early to experience this. just one of the reasons i love being an alumn <3 unc

    acrocker, ’08

  13. the girl crowd surfing at 1:03 is awesome!!!

  14. my boy ponko there to save the day and pick up the pink shirted girl. what a gentleman.

  15. awesome vid man