What If I Run On a Stress Fracture – By San Francisco Sports Medicine Podiatrist.m4v

Stress fractures are common among runners who are training for marathons and ironman triathlons. Many runners who notice pain or bruising in the foot will wonder if they have a stress fracture in the foot. In this video, San Francisco Podiatrist and Ironman triathlete (Dr. Christopher Segler) explains what happen if you run on a metatarsal stress fracture.
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Stress Relief Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

Christopher Lee May takes you through the mindfulness meditation exercise. It is a simple but powerful exercise that any one can do. If your looking for a relaxing meditation this is perfect. Hope you enjoy. Blessings and Namaste!

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42 Responses to “What If I Run On a Stress Fracture – By San Francisco Sports Medicine Podiatrist.m4v”

  1. Carolina Rodrigues Reply January 18, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    what about a tallus dome stress fracture that just won’t heal??? and i am always in pain!

  2. Stress fracture is an overrated injury. I had s stress fracture a year ago during xc season and the pain was completed gone within 3 weeks. I was still out for another 2 weeks. A couple of days later after I got the boot off my ankle where I got the fracture was a little stiff but a day later it was fine. I still couldn’t run for another month after that because the doctor wouldn’t let me even though there was no pain anymore. Just because they have a doctors degree doesn’t mean you can’t run

  3. thats sucks man im out for the XC season

  4. what? u breaking ur large toe has nothing to do with a stress fracture, stress fractures form over time

  5. Ugghhh. I just broke my large toe 2 and a half weeks ago and now it seems I have a stress fracture. Yippee. -___-

  6. anyone got a good rehab shoe? currently in a cast and i have to where a boot i have broke my 5th metatarsal playing rugby. cheers for any help

  7. I have stress fractures in both ankles. Its rare. my track season is over because of the nike free run 2.0 shoes. NEVER BUY THEM!

  8. I know this is about feet but I don’t know if I have a stress fracture in my knee, my symptoms are hurting around the knee and on my knee, it’s bruised and hurts, when I sit down it is very uncomptorble, but I still can run fine, do you think I should see a doctor?

  9. thebrickandstoneguy Reply January 18, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Thanks for this video!

  10. This is all absolutely spot on. I suffered a stress fracture on my 3rd metatarsal from a run last Friday, only having had it X-Rayed and diagnosed today. Fortunately it’s very minor compared with what’s shown in the video, but still very painful. For the next 6-8 weeks I’m going to be hitting the gym just to use the bikes and do some rowing.

  11. RangerRay75Regiment Reply January 18, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    I’m in the army and got a stress fracture in the beginning of basic training, i continued to run on it for 5 months through airborne school and RASP. and now it’s to the point it will never anywhere close to where it once was. so DON’T TOUGH THROUGH THE PAIN, GET IT FIXED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  12. If you’re getting a stress fracture in your 5th metatarsal, then you need to learn how to run the way we were designed to.

  13. I have a mild stress fracture in either my fibula or tibia. It doesnt hurt when I run, but it is sensitive when I touch it or do squats with weights. Any advice such as healing time etc?

  14. I’m 15 I don’t know if I have a stress Fracture, I was playing football and after I finished I noticed my foot was hurting, but I kept doing sprinting and playing football and I never feel any pain in my foot, but when I put my foot on it’s side, an unusual position which I never put my foot in I felt a pain and that pain has never gone away, I still play football and do sprinting but I never feel pain but when I put my foot in that unusual side position the pain is still there,Any ideas.

  15. @ncdc123 do you dance at ncdc? I do!

  16. idk how long but i got one in october and its still not healed….

  17. ive had a stress fracture from march2010, and rested until july, until i re-injured it then, and it doesnt seem like any progress has been made in healing, some say it could take a year to heal if u re-injure it again, any suggestions? please reply.

  18. Good questions, yet too complex for instant answers in this forum. Depth of effort, devotion to something beyond yourself, motivation and sound guidance are the foundations of progress in developing a meditation practice. You must work closely with an authentic teacher for best progress.

  19. Does mindfulness (vipassana) within itself give rise to higher states of consciousness? Also, will it increase the level of compassion we can extend onto others? And if so, how long would such achievements take? I just want a rough idea (six months, perhaps a year, maybe even a decade; I don’t know) thank you.

  20. Any thought, feeling or sensation is a temporary state. Meditation creates enough space around experiences to just be with them without identifying with them as our ‘self’ or make our life shrink within limiting sensations and thoughts. It is the spaciousness which gives rise to seeing we are beyond all these states of mind, thought, feeling and sensations.

  21. In-depth questions require a deeper answer for which this forum is inadequate. If anyone is dealing with intense feelings which feel overwhelming, stop meditation for the time being, seeking additional personal guidance from either a licensed health care professional or an advanced meditation instructor with vast experience.

  22. It’s ok to be anxious. The idea is to be conscious of the anxiety, and just let it be. Watch anxiety – or any emotion – come and go like you were watching a cloud. Say “I notice I’m feeling anxious now.” And then consider who is doing the noticing.

    You have a consciousness that is much deeper than any feeling or emotion. View what is happening in your mind and body from that place of pure awareness – even for a second – and this will help the anxiety dissipate. Hope that helps.

  23. Good question. Rather than “focus on breathing” try a more gentle noticing of the breathe. Awareness can be spacious, open and relaxed rather than focused like a laser beam. Breathe into the space around with a feeling of relaxed awareness. Or, sit outdoors while seeing the sky. Let the breathe be natural, uncontrolled or contrived.

  24. I have anxiety, and i noticed that because i was suppossed to be breathing and focusing on that, it gave me anxiety… is that suppossed to happen? how can i calm myself down and not acknowlege the fact that im suppossed to be focusing on the breathing?

  25. it hurt at first but then it didnt, i relaxed because the high pitch sound made me forget everyother thing, so i didnt pay attention to my surrounding, and this dude at the right looked at me funnily :P

  26. The sound helps a lot. Especially when I am under stress and my head is aching. The sound clears away my mind.

  27. Although your voice was calming, The loud tones were very distracting and disturbing…….. :(

  28. requests, pray and beg , please read full request . please come forward together to make to stop all the bad things,destructions of humans, lives , souls ( atma) , (grand souls) parmatama, are going on and save to everyone good or bad souls..

    requests to guruji and all to pray, enemities all bad evil budhies ( wisedom,) bad thoughts, be change to good & noble .and save every soul (atama) , (grand soul) paramatma , human , balas in back bones , kundlani power , every molecules .

  29. breath only into your lower abdomen. This is known as belly breathing. It initiates a response from the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for the ‘peace’ response in your body, releasing chemicals in body that give you a feeling of peace. Avoid breathing into your upper chest – it increase will initiate a response from the Sympathetic Nervous System, known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, releasing chemicals associated with feelings of stress and anxiety.

  30. a peaceful practical introduction—–you seem to embody what you’re teaching, I love the approach, the images, the gong and your floating right hand: but when I breathe and relax I tend to get sleepy and nod off, which isn’t the point, I don’t think. It happened as I was concentrating on this clip. Advice?

  31. I loved this, very easy and calming. thank you.

  32. thank you

  33. Such a wonderful video i haven’t slept for two days i think ill be able to go to sleep now X3

  34. Hello. Have you tried lying down instead of sitting? If you are not able to sit with ease then breathing will be very difficult and meditation will be impossible. It’s okay to lie down if it enables you to do the meditation. Good luck! I am starting a group wellness effort…we will be streaming healthy cooking, yoga, meditation and other alternative treatments live. ustream.tv/channel/joy-s-wellness-trip

  35. i like this guy the dingggg was cool it made me feel relaxed and almost fall asleep… hes good and i laughed about the floating clouds ha cooollll :P stefi

  36. The way you said it, I though it was very funny.

  37. Thanks man, that was beautiful.

  38. you know what it does.

  39. Try crying? That relieves a lot of that kind of random anxiety

  40. Everything is energy, esp the food you take. So meat contains lots of negative or bad energy, the amount of suffering are stored in this fear, hate and anger. Just be veg. and over time you will notice the difference.

  41. @fourgates4591 @insaneyanish It is all in the emphasis and how you are breathing. Anxiety is about anticipation of something in the future. There are thoughts behind the anxiety the will clear up if you stay in the moment, not worring about future events so much. Also, check out our website at FourGates and see the title Loving-Kindness Meditations. This clears the anxiety based thinking causing the discomfort. Where there is an effect there is a cause, treat the cause and it will clear up.

  42. It is all in the emphasis and how you are breathing. Anxiety is about anticipation of something in the future. There are thoughts behind the anxiety the will clear up if you stay in the moment, not worring about future events so much. Also, check out our website at FourGates and see the title Loving-Kindness Meditations. This clears the anxiety based thinking causing the discomfort. Where there is an effect there is a cause, treat the cause and it will clear up.