Workplace Bullying & How to Stop Feeling Like A Victim Link is for “Zen of Crisis” a download mp3 of guided practices to relieve stress, each is 20 min long, and comes with pdf guide. 11 min. video by yoga & mindfulness teacher, Viv (Kala) Williams, meant to inspire those suffering from workplace stress, like bullying or hostile work environment. Stop feeling like a victim. She has been featured in Self, Yoga Journal and Essence magazines. She offers hope that this experience, a “spiritual crisis” can be a stepping stone. One that leads to more joyful work that truly expresses your gifts. Kala’s background encompasses, suffering on the job bullying and eventual unemployment. She bounced back and now works with others to transition from their “Thunderbolt” experience (divorce, job loss, serious illness) to live a life that they love. She is an experienced, certified yoga teacher, mindfulness meditator and has taught at colleges, health clubs and privately.

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9 Responses to “Workplace Bullying & How to Stop Feeling Like A Victim”

  1. I really believe in envisioning what you really want, in your imagination and get clear about what changes, type of place you want to be and then slowly start seeking that out,e ither at same place (try.) or look for new place while still employed.

  2. I have had two bosses now who treats me badly because I am not 1) Christian 2) a mother 3) fashionable. My work output does not matter nearly as much as how I look and what my personal life is like. Coincidentally, both bosses I have had trouble with were 30 something, very pretty female women with children. I don’t know if they feel threatened or if I don’t fit into some rigid social role they expected of me. It’s so hard. I’m so depressed. The economy is so bad, what choice do I have?

  3. facebook .com/peopleagainstadultbullying

  4. You were targeted because someone didn’t like the fact that you were good at what you do. That’s all it takes. Right Linda?

  5. I don’t know their smiles just get to me all the time I hate them with all my heart whenever I see them, it’s difficult to get through.

  6. You are welcome. Take good care.

  7. You may want to talk to a counselor who you can tell the whole situation to, and they are trained in how to respond. You have options but you need to seed competant advice from therapist/union rep or soemone similiar. Good luck!

  8. @friattmoooo well that’s when one starts to wonder whats going on, when “rules” are arbritrarily enforced, overlooked sometimes and sometimes penalties exacted. That’s part of the inconsistency that can be part of bullying behavior. Everyone says first calmly talk to the person about it, but if it’s your boss of course it’s a bit difficult to do that, and then we worry about making it worse so….

  9. Thanx for sharing your video, but sometimes the manager talks to you as if you have made a mistake whereas you haven’t..
    Or sometimes he or she wants you to obey the rules, only YOU, for example if you didn’t dress a black suit, the manager would be upset with you because you’re not dressing as he/she wishes, while in the same time there is another employee working at the same departmant and this employee is not judged .. What do I do in this case???