Yoga Workout Beginners Stress & Anxiety Home Exercise Routine How To

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25 Responses to “Yoga Workout Beginners Stress & Anxiety Home Exercise Routine How To”

  1. This is more beginner friendly… I found your video through Yogatic’s stress sequence and it was too fast paced for me. Thanks for sharing :) I’m going to try this sequence next time I need it and Ill tell you how it goes :) 

  2. Hi, have you heard of KickAnxietyByFriday? (Google it). If you are still having feelings with bad panic attacks or general anxiety you should go check out KickAnxietyByFriday (Just google it or maybe add .com to the end?), as they can probably help you get rid of your anxiety-panic-specific fear problems fast, as they helped me.

  3. Yoga makes babes so fine

  4. how so? please stop staying stuff like that. we don’t need to hear that here.

  5. This is true and the two can be separated. I should have said that this can lead to curiosity, as most places, do not separate the two and the practices I am referring to, aren’t so far from normal yoga. A lot of it involves types of breathing etc. that allows for one to easily go into a meditative state. When you are there, your mind is clear and entities can enter in. I wasn’t trying to upset you, or sway people from exercise.

  6. The exercise practices of yoga and the spiritual practices of yoga are two separate things. Don’t spread lies. Working out cannot “open you up to demons”. This would be like saying , “Going for a jog will open you up to demons.” The body is God’s temple, we should respect it and take care of it. You don’t have to practice the spiritual aspects of yoga to practice the physical aspects.

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  9. “You should hold your shoulders back when engaging your core workout to reap the full benefits of each sit-up” says Lyons. “You can also use a Swiss ball to practice your balance which again will activate your core.”

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  12. Yoga can open you all up to demonic entities.

  13. i love you sonja

  14. damn nice ass had to see ur video

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  22. this is a great video and i’m hoping you will do more videos to control anxieety and stress. perhaps one on meditation?

  23. another superb video. you are not only good at yoga but you are a great orator too. keep up the good work

  24. how long before I master these postures

  25. or kung fu! or chi gong! All of these things make a healthy body! Healthy is always attractive, but the look of attractive does not always mean healthy :D